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The foods to eat to live well

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Did you know that green tea and lemon are friends of our heart? And this especially all if come consumed together; but there are many other foods that combined together can make us live better. Eating properly is very important today and will unveil some pairs of very healthy foods.

Green tea and lemon

Green tea and lemon: Perfect for a healthy heart. Studies have shown that green tea was associated with a lower risk of heart attacks and this is due to some substances contained therein, the catechins; have besides seen that adding lemon juice the benefits increase.

Broccoli and tomatoes: Set are ideal to try to control the cancer. Recent studies have highlighted that those who eat broccoli and tomatoes whole to slow the growth of tumors compared to those who eat only vegetables. (more…)

The myths of the abdominal

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Some of the exercises are more popular, both for its ease and apparent as a result, are abdominal exercises. However, there is much that is said about them, and little is actually known.

abdominal myths

For starters, do not remove the stomach abs. Everywhere you hear that belly is not to have to lie on the floor and give the abdominals every night. False. The belly is made ​​up of fat. It is a fatty tissue is removed only on the basis of healthy and varied diet and aerobics.

Like everything else, the key is to do well
Another misconception is that in order to mark the squares you have to do a lot of abdominal exercises, and very fast. Not so. One must do them correctly, as any muscular exercise. Furthermore, it must exercise all the abdominal muscles, so that the exercises should be varied. (more…)

Five facts about birth control pills

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Asking, in any case, always represents a healthy exercise. Often happens that, whether out of shame or by fear to leave in evidence our intellectual weaknesses, men restrict the questions, too bad, therefore while itself not the ignorance be asked will continue there in its place.

birth control pills

All about the pill
Especially in the case of health, it is always important to clear any unknown. Birth control pills serve as an example of the risk to be enclosed in a taboo one: there are few women, for misuses of them have suffered serious problems from pregnancy to some type of poisoning. Therefore, from here, we present five questions, and its answers, on, just the pill.

Are there any possibility of having infertility if treatment is stopped?
Impossible. The pills can leave at the time that you want and, among the factors that may occur, there is nothing like that. The chance of infertility due to abandonment of the drug is not covered by any such medication. (more…)

How to fight vitiligo

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Vitiligo is not dangerous for the sufferer, and certainly not contagious to others, but the white spots of varying length which occurs often create psychological discomfort too heavy. Fortunately it is now possible, if not cured, at least stop the travel of the disease. Here are some tips on what to do in life everyday …


Get the sun
To think that the sun can worsen vitiligo is an injury to be discredited. If you expose yourself to the sun during the day and cooler with solar filters medium – low depending on your skin type, you control a real natural light therapy that can lead to improvements. (more…)

Tips to deal with trauma

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

children trauma

People who suffer or have suffered some trauma they experienced a psychologically damage as a result of negative passages occurred in the course of their lives that often result in moments of emotional drama.

Childhood and adolescence
Normally these traumatic moments in the life of a person develop in most cases within the stages of childhood and adolescence, when more difficult for us to respond to negative events that we face. (more…)

Tanorexia: a disease that is increasing

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

With the heat of summer, the little beach, the terrace and pool, more and more people take advantage of every bit of sun to be tanned the skin. In fact, people who suffer tanorexia, ie, addiction to the sun already the UV ray, they are each time more. It is people seeking a perpetual tan, even in winter, putting a serious threat to their own health.


Multiply by ten melanomas
No one can say that have no effect in campaigns to raise awareness about the risks of sunbathing. But they are an absolute success. We know the risks and is often used sunscreen, but the bed seems to be a social imperative, and anything goes if it’s about being brown, sun all the time, UVA sessions, etc. (more…)

Recognizing Diabetes

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

recognizing diabetes

It happens that they often feel like something sweet? It can be determined from the variation of glucose in the blood, a signal that indicates a change in our nutrition. In this article guides some suggestions to discover in time the signals that send us our body.

When we take on carbohydrates, the blood glucose level rises and a lot does it swiftly to difference of the carbohydrates that are digested and absorbed, peak blood glucose stimulates insulin adequate training to direct the formation of glucose for energy. All this involves the low blood sugar, so if the release of insulin is high. (more…)

Too much work damages the heart

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Occupational and Environmental Medicine has published a paper reporting something we all feared: the stress and burden for the work seriously damage the heart. The risk of a heart attack or angina increased in people with high job strain. The study was conducted with women.

woman work stressed

The researchers counted with the participation of 12,116 Danish women between 45 and 64, belonging to the National Society of Nursing. These women agreed that scientists at the Hospital of Glostrup (Denmark) will make a follow-up for 15 years.

Of all the women participating in the study, “60% of the sample claimed to be subjected to a job very or fairly high”, according to the article. This poor quality of life is, as scientists have noted in a higher risk of heart problems. (more…)

How to prevent an upset stomach

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

The stomach has become a widespread and common disease, and this mainly because of bad eating habits and habits of life blundered. Unfortunately, many people are victims, but how to experience to prevent an upset stomach with a few simple good habits?

stomach problem

If you are also often suffering stomach pains, then the first thing to do is understand the cause: be careful and marked on a calendar when the pain hits you. And state after a stressful day and nerve-wracking? This is the first way to tell if this is incorrect behavior or a pathological problem. (more…)

The importance of eating healthy foods

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

A health issue of which people must deal every day is food. That is why it is essential to become aware and good nutritional practices. But above all it is necessary to take into account the importance of eating healthy foods.

eating healthy foods

Health promotion becomes an important role in the process of awareness of the general population, so that consumption habits to achieve a balanced and healthy diet. Different social agents, such as family or school, play a major role in promoting healthy food in the daily diet and physical activity as part of the daily routine.

Good nutrition not only has to do with the quantity and quality of the consumption of food but also with the preparation and cooking of the same. (more…)

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