To maintain a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile, throughout the day, it is treated well. And for that the best form is endowing it of the best possible diet. That is, choose the best menu possible for your mouth never miss what you need.

healthy teeth tips

Mainly our teeth need phosphorus, vitamin A, B2, C, D, niacin and calcium fluoride. These are the foods you must eat so that manage to keep your mouth healthy, and also eating healthily, eating the diet of your teeth ..

Phosphorus is found in milk and dairy products, eggs, fish, nuts and vegetables. It constitutes the structure of the bones and relating to the teeth contributes to the equilibrium acid-base balance in the body.

Vitamin A is found in oily fish, egg yolk, butter, cheese and whole milk. In many fruits such as apricots, cantaloupe. The deficiency of this vitamin may result in the alteration of structure and increases susceptibility to cavities and infections.

Vitamin B2, is obtained from milk, cheese, liver, green vegetables and yeast in beer. Helps prevent cracks in the skin, mouth, or lips. Vitamin C is present in all citrus fruits, as is well known, kiwi, fresh soybeans, tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes or cauliflower. These foods protect our teeth from bacterial attack.

Vitamin D is found in oily fish, margarine and eggs, in addition to dairy products. Helps maintain adequate levels of calcium in the blood. For its part, the niacin is in lean meats, grains, yeast, and legumes. Its will be our better allies to be able to prevent any case of periodontitis.

With regard to calcium and fluoride, both will be most positive, and that is why what we are best known. It first appears in milk, cheese and yogurt products. Keep our teeth and gums healthy, and be less vulnerable to tooth decay.

Finally in this it perforates of your teeth, the fluorine. It is found in to the water, in the tea, in the beers, in the sardine, the liver of cow, the fresh fish and even in a dish of beans. Its action will reinforce the dental structure and will protect us against the decay.

And already to finish, although an option be to go the dentist and that diagnose you in concrete that vitamins do you lack, do not forget that the kisses help to clean the teeth and diminish the quantity of acid that causes the weakening of the enamel.

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