tooth decay

It is advisable that we all make an annual visit to the dentist, whenever not a prior punctual problem exist. What is ideal is that there is no setback this visit we make a real ordeal. Tooth decay is one of the most common problems and prevent largely depend on ourselves.

Tooth decay is one of the most common infectious diseases and perhaps it is children who suffer most. Its appearance is closely related to the intake of refined sugars and that ends up affecting the tissues of the teeth. The bacteria feed on food scraps that are left between the teeth and eventually produce acids that damage the enamel of teeth.

Preventing tooth decay is not complicated, just have to follow a recommended oral hygiene. Use a good brush that allows us to clean all the holes in our mouth and at the end, floss to remove any remaining food. It’s convenient us to wash the teeth, at least, three times a day.

Although we maintain good oral hygiene, it can happen that people prone to tooth decay. If this happens, we must take preventive measures in our diet. To prevent decay, we must reduce consumption of sugars and avoid sticky foods and adhesives.

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