Burns are injuries to the tissues by heat. Here we will explain what to do to act on them or become nervous or frightened. There are three types of burns. The first degree, affecting the epidermis and the skin reddens.

burn injury

The second level are those that affect the skin by two layers (dermis and epidermis). It causes pain and blisters. And the third level occurs when the skin is charred. Affect all layers of skin, muscle and even bone, forming a crust as a result of destruction of tissue called eschar.

What we do with the Burn?

In minor burns:

  • Cool the burned area with cold water for several minutes.
  • Apply talc, oily liniment or ointment burns.
  • Cover the burn with sterile gauze (if we let it be very mild air), changing the cure at 48 hours.

  • Sedated if there is pain.
  • Do not handle the burn or puncture the blisters, you are defending that creates the skin.
  • Do not use cotton.
  • Brush the blister and surrounding skin with a sterile to avoid infection.
  • If it is necessary to puncture the blister with a disinfected needle to eject the liquid. Do not cut the skin.

In severe burns:

  1. If clothes are on fire, stop the run victim, wrapped in a blanket or rolled on the ground.

  2. DO NOT throw water on flammable products. Extinguish with sand.
  3. Burnt clothing should not be removed, but cover the area with clean cotton clothes.
  4. DO NOT attempt to remove tars.
  5. Wash the area with water. Do not apply otherwise. It is better to forget toothpaste or other home remedy (for mild and severe).
  6. While clothing and give the patient rest, warmth and soft drinks to the patient.
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