Acne is a skin disease characterized by chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands, especially in the face and back. This disease is accentuated in the period of adolescence, especially between 14 and 17 years because there are a number of factors that make it more frequent. Propose the use of lemon as a successful method to solve the problem.

Acne is caused by a series of processes that worsen with age. We refer to the hormonal process, the more sebaceous secretion, the gene itself and the strong and sudden emotional change as the child ceases to be such, to become adult.

If we want to prevent acne we must take into account a number of recommendations that will ultimately, by the way, with old myths such as the chocolate. In any case we have acne from eating chocolate or any other food. If it is true that there may be some people who increase their acne by eating a sweet, but will never be the main cause.

It is difficult to foresee that a child will have acne problems, but there is a clear indicator that their parents have suffered from this disease in their teens. That’s when our child is more likely to develop acne.

The main recommendations to prevent and fight acne are: Use mild soap, do not wear makeup and never apply emulsified oil as much as you can hear that it is a home remedy that works. Also, get hold of some dermatological products such as Loreal Pure Zone, acting controller and regulator of acne pimples and is quite effective.

Another remedy, a little more homemade, are applying to the affected area of a slice of lemon or a dollop of yogurt to evaporate all of the rules. It is recommended that you make at night to give time, though we often amazed at how quickly it disappears from our face.

Finally, it is important to know that using toothpaste is not a successful treatment because it can damage the face, and, plunging your face into a pot with steam as it is not appropriate because even get acne increase. Only be effective if we put in the hands of a professional.

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