Hyperactivity syndrome, known as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), is a clinical entity characterized by children who have a wandering attention, which they fail to incorporate and assimilate information properly or enough.

Hyperactivity syndrome

This syndrome, always called as hyperactivity is not always categorized in the same manner as was previously known under different names. Such as: minimal brain dysfunction, hyperkinetic syndrome or hyperactive child syndrome. The current term name or reached after many years in an attempt to unify criteria and various opinions.

Logically it does not affect everyone equally. It is estimated that suffer between 5 and 9% of school-age children, being far more common in boys than in girls. But more often is that only affect children of small age, it is possible to find adults with this syndrome. Restless people who can not stop touching things with their hands and they always have to be doing something.

Do not know why it occurs because there is no certainty. However, a current of thought among scientists believe that there are some brain damage, but so far failed to convincingly demonstrate that fact. Others think that there would be errors of metabolism of glucose in the brain, thus offering a special diet as treatment. In short, so far not been able to verify any case in concrete form.

Some examples of hyperactivity:

  1. It has difficulty to maintain the attention in tasks or activities.
  2. Can not follow instructions and fails to complete the task (not for lack of understanding).
  3. Avoids or refuses to start tasks or games that require mental effort.
  4. Easily distracted to external stimuli.
  5. Frequently moves his hands or feet when sitting.
  6. Leaves seat in class or in situations where applicable.
  7. Runs about or climbs in inappropriate situations.
  8. It has difficulty to carry out sedentary activities.
  9. It is continuously in activity as prompted by a motor.
  10. Talks too much.
  11. Begins to respond before the end than asking the question.
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