Fruit and vegetables should be an essential part in our diet. Among them, the carrots are a rich source of vitamins. We can take them throughout the year, although late spring will be especially tender. Carrots are easy to eat, besides being gastrointestinal.

carrot properties

The carrot helps reduce any problem with your vision and night blindness, myopia or cataracts because it contains beta carotene, a plant equivalents of vitamin A. It also prevents cardiovascular disease and some cancers. Another of its indications has to do with the skin because it protects against solar radiation, while your tan intensifies.

It is better to scrape the carrot instead of peeling, as most of the vitamins that are up under the skin. Contains fiber, potassium, vitamins C and K, calcium and folic acid. Carrots can be eaten whole, shredded, boiled or fried, but preferably eaten raw as it will not lose any of their nutrients. Its stem is also eaten but rarely used.

The carrot along with the cooked rice is one of the best ways to stop diarrhea. Its anti-inflammatory benefits also extend to people with heartburn or gastritis suffer. Besides its soothing action helps people suffering from stress. Carrots are an ideal in soups and salads. Its used in baby food because of its high content in calcium, iodine and vitamin A strengthens bones and promotes the growth of children.

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