Experts say it is one of the most common cancers today, although in the case of one of the easiest to avoid (in general, just not too much sun exposure).

skin cancer tips

We do not be used to take into account the doctors when they tell us that do not we expose us to the sun. Summer, beach and sun are elements that are associated with and spend hours lying dead charred. Wrong. You know must avoid the middle of the day, when the sun shines more. Thus, we prohibit you take the sun at noon (mostly from 2 to 4 pm). Therefore, the first step is safety.

On the other hand, there are some little tricks and tips that you can take to know your body and know how to control the time you can leave stains on the skin to reduce the incidence of cancer skin.

In this sense skin self-examination is that, knowing our spots and moles especially those that might be suspicious. It is important to realize that the spots that are asymmetrical and irregular edges appear. In addition, the color of the stains must be homogeneous, and not have to have a darker than another area.

The spot size must not exceed six millimeters, in which case you should study and take special care. If you see the moon and the spot evolves in a strange way, come quickly to a dermatologist.

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