The so-called Third Age, they often do not know where to draw the line of start it as nobody, or almost nobody, wants to enter, is a stage of life of people in which the decline is the tonic, so setbacks are the order of the day. Therefore, from this article address the most common in the elderly.

third age problem

Among the most common problems in the elderly, we find the falls, which are often accompanied by fractures. It is relatively common for an older person who has fallen is hip fracture, one that suffers most when the body falls. Falls are caused by lack of mobility, muscle weakness, lack of vision or brittle bones. With that, the arthritis, caused by wear of the joints, is another problem that is experienced as the years pass and life goes on.

Another problem more common in the elderly is hypertension, which can cause atherosclerosis. Furthermore, also are common deafness progressive, something inevitably associated with age and blindness. In this case, the hearing will also be lost over the years.

In the Third Age urinary incontinence is another concern, which is usually associated with prostate problems in men and prolapse of the womb in women.

We can also note that another common problems in the elderly is depression, which is often associated with loneliness felt by older people. You can generate feelings of persecution and paranoia. Along with this, confusion and dementia are also common in the Third Age. Finally, the lack of memory would also be another problem that worsens with age.

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