Maintain a good position at work when they spend many hours in front of the computer is vital for protecting our back. Therefore, we must pay close attention to computer use : how to avoid neck injury.

back injury using computer

What is essential to prevent cervical injury is to maintain proper posture. This is achieved by keeping your back straight and firm, stuck to the back of the chair, lie on it. You should also avoid sitting on one leg or cross them. You should have them foot flat on the floor.

Another tip is that the forearm should be properly placed on the table, so you have to adjust the height of the seat until the screen is at the height of your eyes. Try to pause from time to time, get up and walk a little, to take back some mobility. You can also use these breaks to change position.

As for the screen, it must be located within the 120 ° field of view of the user, although it is best that is within an angle of 70 degrees. In terms of distance, it must not be less than 40 cm, meaning the optimal distance between 40 and 60 centimeters.

The keyboard is another element that plays an important role in the back is concerned. It is desirable that the keyboard is placed in front to avoid adopting awkward postures. Therefore, the keyboard has to be in front of the screen, in line with your body. Also, it is important that the distance between the keyboard and the end of the table is at least 10 inches in order to support your hands in front of the keyboard (with or without palm rest).

You know that the spine is key, so please take care.

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