Hospitals are places that require extreme cleaning and disinfection of all clean rooms to avoid any kind of infection among patients. Cleanrooms are specially designed spaces for low levels of contamination. These areas must have controlled parameters such as air particulates, humidity, air pressure inside, lighting and temperature to avoid the risks of infection.

clean hospital

Depending on your level of risk, high, medium and low, and personal hygiene requirements will be much more specialized. High-risk areas are intensive care units, a prelude to operating rooms, operating rooms or areas of hemodialysis … should be cleaned and disinfected as a whole and very often, several times a day, after treatments, operations, etc.

The medium-risk areas like kitchen, changing rooms, swimming pools, showers, restrooms, consultations or patient rooms must be cleaned and disinfected carefully and finally the low risk areas such as halls, stairs, elevators and offices proper cleaning.

Disinfection of work clothes in these areas is also very important. Surgical uniforms when they are reusable, they must be important cotton and follow the disinfection process.

A truly effective disinfection must meet several requirements, such as covering a broad spectrum of microbial activity, ie have a high efficiency over the greatest number of species having sporicidal and virucidal effect, immediate action and long duration, a faint scent and pleasant, it must be safe and secure in their use.

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