Hair loss is a concern. One thing is that the way to a ripe old age begin to suffer from this natural process and quite another to suddenly notice that every day we are losing significant amounts of hair.

hair loss remedies

The causes can be very different, one of them is stress, or prolonged situations of concern and tension, also states of anemia, poor diet, hereditary alopecia, thyroid problems or taking contraceptives among other possibilities.

There are a wide variety of natural remedies that you can make use of preventive or contribute to the restoration of capillary circulation. As a first step, be sure to comb or brush your hair, many people, fearful of being left with a lot of hairs in their combs, they do less and less, which is counterproductive because the brushing stimulates circulation of scalp massage as well as in the area. Do it with materials other than synthetic.


  • Twice a week comes to blending a few watercress leaves and stems with which you will make a mask. Throw on the scalp for half an hour, then wash and rinse hair as normal. The same can be done with the nettle and basil.
  • Infusions of milk thistle, are ideal for treating the problem from inside the body. With one cups per day you strengthen your scalp and nourish, as both contain minerals such as iron and silica respectively.

Needless to say, not all of these actions you can take out of no avail if not accompanied by a balanced diet of protein and nutrients.

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