It is increasingly used hypnosis as health treatment. To cure depression, diseases or interventions can be used by some professionals. Using the subconscious attempt to improve health problems affecting the patient.


First of all there is to know what is hypnosis. Many at hearing this word think of a hypnotist with the pendulum in hand, ordering the subject to do things against their will. However, this does not happen. The hypnotized person does not sleep or lose consciousness, or risk damaging your brain.

Patients are aware of their actions, just feel the need to follow what the hypnotist says. None commit acts against their will. The hypnotic state is just a state of concentration.

But hypnosis is effective? Several studies have shown that can not be assessed because each professional has a different application, there is no exact hypnosis. This is not any medicine we take and we remove the problem. Always depend on professional competency.

Hypnosis is increasingly being used to stop smoking. The main advantage of this method is that no side effects. The first ever smokers trying to quit smoking through willpower, but it is not always strong enough or not. Hypnosis is trying to increase the force of will.

The treatment is based on the use of the subconscious, while willpower works with the conscious mind. Thus, hypnosis go to the place of mind where lies the creativity and imagination. Its success comes from hypnotic language, as it is figurative and rich in metaphors.

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