Well, not only in summer, we should add, since it is always important to donate blood at any time of year. However, we have reviewed here and on other occasions why donate blood.

Blood Donation

On this occasion we were left with the need to donate blood in summer, a time when, unfortunately, road accidents are increasing. From this derives the need to donate blood during the summer. Furthermore, the above traffic accidents that occur at this time of year, there are the thousands of transactions are made every day and in need of blood donors.

And is that unfortunately we need blood donors, at least until there is blood manufactured, which is unlikely, at least in the short term.

When summer arrives, blood stocks are at lows, so that scarcity is the dominant note. In addition, blood expires, so it can not be stored, hence the importance of donating blood frequently.

In summer, precisely, from Red Cross deployed a number of mobile blood donation trucks to help people come to donate, in an act of solidarity that can save many lives.

This time of year is especially propitious for an event such as giving blood, because the reserves are left on the floor and hospitals still need blood to perform its operations correctly and completely.

In general, the only requirements you need to donate blood passing through an age of between 18 and 65 years old, weigh over 50 kilos and be healthy.

An act that will take some time and by which you can save up to three lives with the same donation.

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