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Natural remedies to stop hair loss

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Hair loss is a concern. One thing is that the way to a ripe old age begin to suffer from this natural process and quite another to suddenly notice that every day we are losing significant amounts of hair.

hair loss remedies

The causes can be very different, one of them is stress, or prolonged situations of concern and tension, also states of anemia, poor diet, hereditary alopecia, thyroid problems or taking contraceptives among other possibilities.

There are a wide variety of natural remedies that you can make use of preventive or contribute to the restoration of capillary circulation. As a first step, be sure to comb or brush your hair, many people, fearful of being left with a lot of hairs in their combs, they do less and less, which is counterproductive because the brushing stimulates circulation of scalp massage as well as in the area. Do it with materials other than synthetic. (more…)

Benefits of baby gymnastics

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

The sports is a source of health, and how old you are, it is always recommended. Thus, parents need to know what are the benefits of gymnastics for babies, an option that makes the little ones displayed more alert and coordinated.

baby exercise

The baby gym is an interesting option for the smallest of the house begin to awaken your instincts, improve his balance and gain an early motor coordination.

In addition, one of the major benefits that can result in the baby gym is the interaction with their parents. Thus, father, mother and baby spend time together, you know, take more affection and improve the quality of family life. There are exercises you can do in the gym, in fact there are clubs dedicated to babies, but you can be with the baby at home. (more…)

Lack of Sexual desire : Posible causes

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

The lack of sexual desire is a problem that affects more partners than we think. Many and varied, may be factors that affect it, such as depression, fatigue, stress or routine.

lack of sexual desire

It’s good, while necessary, to realize what goes into operation the following question: “Do I feel desire for other people or in general I do not want to be intimate with anyone?”

It is clear that if you feel desire for another person who is not your current partner, the problem probably has to do with your relationship. So if you want to solve it, you have alternatives such as family therapy or a sex therapist. (more…)

Donating blood in Summer

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Well, not only in summer, we should add, since it is always important to donate blood at any time of year. However, we have reviewed here and on other occasions why donate blood.

Blood Donation

On this occasion we were left with the need to donate blood in summer, a time when, unfortunately, road accidents are increasing. From this derives the need to donate blood during the summer. Furthermore, the above traffic accidents that occur at this time of year, there are the thousands of transactions are made every day and in need of blood donors.

And is that unfortunately we need blood donors, at least until there is blood manufactured, which is unlikely, at least in the short term. (more…)

What is diphtheria

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Diphtheria is a infection acute contagious. In addition, for those who want more technical details about the infection, we can say that diphtheria is caused by Corynebacterium diphtheriae, a germ that is responsible for attacking the respiratory system, leaving him “trembling”. Apart from attacking the respiratory system, also can affect any mucosal or skin wound.


As the most characteristic symptoms of diphtheria, we can find swelling in the throat, as the most visible. Similarly, fever and malaise are two elements that also occur when the body attacks diphtheria.

When diphtheria occurs as a grayish membrane on the tonsils and pharynx, which may entail some degree of hoarseness and difficulty swallowing and breathing. (more…)

Causes of baldness

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

One of the problems they must face a man as time goes by is alopecia. Similarly, women also suffer hair loss, so know how to fight is a need to avoid going over. In this way we aim to find the main causes of baldness, with intent to slow down as far as possible.

baldness causes

In general, the main cause of having a balding head is usually due to side effects of any condition or disease. Therefore, one of the main measures to be taken to combat hair loss is to manage nutrients, such as Vitamin B, iron or zinc, which are the best help protect the hair. (more…)

Using the computer: how to avoid neck injuries

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Maintain a good position at work when they spend many hours in front of the computer is vital for protecting our back. Therefore, we must pay close attention to computer use : how to avoid neck injury.

back injury using computer

What is essential to prevent cervical injury is to maintain proper posture. This is achieved by keeping your back straight and firm, stuck to the back of the chair, lie on it. You should also avoid sitting on one leg or cross them. You should have them foot flat on the floor. (more…)

The eye care in the elderly

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Vision problems are accentuated over the years: As we get older, the risk of developing some form of visual impairment. It is therefore advisable to go regularly to the ophthalmologist to detect and prevent any type of symptom.

elderly eye care

In most cases identify the problem in its principles can minimize risk with proper medication. Some of the most common diseases are, macular degeneration (decreased or distorted vision is most apparent when reading), presbyopia (hardening of the lens and loss of flexibility), cataract (lens opacity caused injury in some cases, defects … ) or glaucoma (increased pressure inside the eyeball damages the optic nerve). (more…)

Sunburn remedies

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

When you are exposed to the sun over it, your skin may be impaired, so you have to avoid the hottest hours of the day. We seek some remedies for sunburn. The solar burns can cause problems for the skin. Because of it, the first measure is to avoid the central hours of the day.

prevent sunburn

But if you have burned, one of the first remedies that can adopt is to take you a cold shower. The cold water or the cold cloths are a good solution to alleviate the burns produced by the sun. That is to say, the cold, be in the way that be, is essential to fight a burn. (more…)

Why schizophrenia occurs

Monday, December 20th, 2010


The schizophrenia is a little unknown mental illness and mysterious, since yet is not known very well from where proceeds. The exact causes of schizophrenia are unknown, although most experts point to a “limited supply” is responsible. In this sense, the idea is that each person has a number of more or less noticeable handicaps for the development of life, and indeed, in certain situations, not all react the same (whether biological or mental level). For example, before a tragic incident for the individual depends on the percentage that comes standard in each of us to develop this disease or not. (more…)

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