When the origin of a physical problem has its starting point in a psychological aspect, then we speak of psychosomatic disorders. Its have physical symptoms and not knowing where they come from.

psychosomatic disorder

Try everything to solve these problems but nothing that can not be solved. In many cases, when a patient has physical problems, often have a psychological origin and we are talking about a psychosomatic disorder.

Thus, it seems clear that the power of the mind is essential for the body is in optimal conditions. There are times when a psychological problem has a clear physical manifestation. Now, how difficult is to show that mind-body connection so that it is the mind that causes physical problems.

In psychosomatic disorders, find different syndromes, such as somatization. This is a series of symptoms that occur in different organs of the body. Among them, the headache, heartburn and back pain, among others. Also emphasize the psychogenic pain, which are the pains that can not be explained, or BDD, with which a person who has no physical problems as if they had seen. There is also the hypochondria, which is when a person believed to have physical problems when they do not have anything.

Perhaps the stress with which we live today is one of the factors that push to grow psychosomatic disorders. Stress often causes anxiety, which in turn activates the autonomic nervous system and a number of hormones, which causes increased heart rate and blood pressure.

The main problem with psychosomatic disorders is how difficult it is to detect.

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