When for any reason the penis stops spontaneous erections, it’s time to start treating the problem. Indeed, by dint of not regularly pass through this state charitable erection, the penis may lack oxygen and the risk of losing their erectile reflex, and therefore lose their elasticity, and even reduce their size.

For the same reasons doctors propose a re-education Penis active. The clearest example is when men undergo prostate surgery. When a surgeon operates on a patient’s prostate, try not to touch the nerves of erection, not to alter the sexual possibilities of the patient.

But even being among hands an excellent surgeon, for a time longer have erections. This is normal, because of the impact experienced operative. Indeed, the nerves are affected after the manipulation necessary to treat the prostate, and need time to function again properly.

During the first three months following the intervention of this magnitude, erections are weak or nonexistent. After six or nine months, spontaneously reappear. But what is certain is that after 8 to 24 months, the erection becomes to develop, enabling the penis to maintain normal sexual relations.

It may take up to two years before the sexual intercourse are again full. Two years is too long without oxygen to the penis. To prevent this prolonged apnea, should be performed education Penis active.

The gesture reeducator is an injection in penis, With the help of a very fine needle, a substance capable of causing an erection.

During the first three months, the dose of the product is weak, so that will be allowing blood flow to favor oxygenation. After three months of treatment, may increase the dose to cause an erection sufficient to maintain a normal sexual relationship.

These injections should put one or two times per week for ten days, depending on each patient and the reactions of the body that is to retrain.

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