It is known that gluten is a product found in cereals and has a high nutritional value, with high levels of protein and low in carbohydrates. Those who follow vegetarian diets and diabetic but consume it in a balanced manner and not abuse this intake product.

Both the grains and seeds are foods which are derived fiber, all B vitamins, as well as carbohydrates, potassium, selenium, iron and magnesium, being an excellent source of protein.

The wheat, rice and maize are some of the grain where the gluten, which is what serves to sustain the life of the plant as it germinates and grows and it was that high nutritional value that has always attracted the attention of scientists searching for ways to reach their best operating.

Of all the studies and tests have been conducted in relation to this product have emerged different forms of exploitation of the same as the gluten has a high content of proteins that are divided into glutelin (common to all cereals) and (prolamins) of each grain that will be a single rate.

However, the most commonly used gluten is that it comes from wheat has a texture similar to that of products derived from animals and are therefore known as “vegetable meat”.

With it can prepare various dishes to be very useful in the grocery industry devoted to using it in food processing in order to give them a thicker appearance or for linking ingredients, as you can add flour and water to form a dough.

The most common foods that make up our diet and are gluten free :

  1. Flour (wheat, rye, oats, barley)
  2. Bread, cakes and various baked goods
  3. Pasta (all types of noodles)
  4. Malt beverages and distilled or fermented
  5. Cured meats like ham, sausage, bologna
  6. Cheese & Dairy
  7. Nuts
  8. Candies
  9. Food coloring.

However, despite his great qualities not all people enjoy it, many since birth have a Celiac disease also known as gluten enteropathy and therefore can not eat foods that contain them, because they are born if the substances the body needs to digest these foods and their consumption can cause serious lesions in the intestine. These people forgo not eat cereal consumption from rice or corn and soybeans.

With respect to diabetic there is a belief that gluten products are suitable for them as substitutes for bread, biscuits or noodles. However, this argument has now lapsed, as it has been discovered that the important thing for a diabetic is a balanced diet and not only to avoid carbohydrates.

In fact, the error when you delete part carbohydrate of Diet diabetic and stresses in the protein only, ignoring the important role of the fibers and how foods behave in the body. Also, note that there are several grains that have hypoglycemic carbohydrates.

Therefore, products made gluten meal has a caloric value very similar or even greater than that of foods that are made with flour. Therefore, should be used with caution in diabetics and kidney problems because they increase uric acid production.

For this reason, diabetics should not be guided by those foods that say “suitable for diabetic” because although they can be ingested without apparent problems, should not be consumed indiscriminately.

It is therefore important to be clear about the difference between consuming a product which by its very nature has gluten and the use of pure gluten in food.

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