Vitamin B3, is a very beneficial nutrient to prevent and combat ailments and diseases that afflict our body. Among the advantages of its use can be noted that high-dose anti-cholesterol is a nutrient that is essential to prevent cardiovascular disease.

This is the main element in the fight against pellagra, a disease whose main symptoms are diarrhea, skin diseases and signs of dementia. It is used to combat mental disorders, emotional instability, persecution complex and a feeling of insecurity.

In addition, Vitamin B3 is involved in the processes of digestion and prevent gastrointestinal disorders by a malfunction of the intestinal flora. Also participates in the synthesis of various hormones such as sex, thyroid and insulin.

Without doubt, we need at least a minimum ration of vitamin B3 to keep a good physical and mental. Moreover, we know that consumption, accompanied by alcohol, pills or sedatives, greatly reduces their profits.

Externally, it is also beneficial, since ingesting supplements, vitamin B3 before the summer season, our skin will be more protected from the sun’s rays, reducing its sensitivity. Another very important fact, especially for seniors, is that this vitamin also greatly improves the memory.

The good thing is that the only way to get vitamin B3, is not through supplements, vitamin, but there are foods containing high doses of B3, and help raise levels of it in our body. These foods, which further contains vitamin B3, is the horse, followed by dairy.

The recommended daily dose, around 20 grams for adults, and not more than 10 for kids under 10 years. Furthermore, nicotinamide can be used as in cases of other deficiencies, ingesting a high dose of between 50 and 100 grams daily.

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