The rebel areas where fat accumulates are usually hips, waist and thighs in women and the abdomen in men. To combat these accumulations of fat and exercise no unique or miraculous, to achieve the best results without resorting to surgery or liposuction, it is necessary to combine different strategies.

reducing fat on hips

Let’s look at five key points when reducing fat on hips, waist and abdomen.

1. The right thing is to make the metabolism aerobic use the accumulated fat as energy. For this we make any cyclic activity that we like, walking, running, playing sports such as cycling or swimming, attending to the Spinning sessions or dance in the gym.

2. This aerobic activity should last at least 30 minutes per session and to be truly effective intensity must be low: about 70% of maximum heart rate.

3. Not enough to increase energy consumption, it is necessary watch what you eat to enable our body to burn the reserves we have in the form of rolls in the hip or leg holsters. So you should reduce your intake of fats and simple sugars in the diet.

4. In the case of the abdomen, is ruled by the belief that exercises abdominal burn fat will be achieved in that area, in any case improve the tone and strength of those muscles but does not increase its definition.

5. To enhance the effects of a training plan together with an adequate diet can complementary therapies recurrrir as reducing massage, Lymphatic drainage, the Mesotherapy stimulators and many others. Just do not forget that are additional and by themselves will not yield the desired result.

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