While yoga today and has become a discipline than known. There are many interpretations of the benefits that come with practice. Certainly who practice it gets a clear increase in welfare, both physical and mental.

yoga benefits

Yoga is a discipline ancient from Eastern, specifically in India, with a tradition of more than 2000 years. Is a technique that works the mind, body and spirit.

The word yoga comes from the root “yuj” that means union. It is knowledge of one’s own intuition and practice about health, illness, body, emotions and mind.

All alternative therapies such as yoga, reflexology and reiki, among others, are decoupled from science still, this does not detract from their value.

Currently, these therapies and especially yoga, have become fashionable. That’s why at our disposal two ways of protecting our health, through medicine and psychology, or through the spaces of self-knowledge that propose alternative therapies.

Yoga works on this union : body – emotion – mind. According to specialists this therapy is not necessary to believe in this union, they simply exist. The body is with us every second of our lives, we are thinking or feeling.

This activity would become the oldest of line of thought India, a philosophy that says that everything is real, Which you can see, touch, hear, has to do with the senses.

To date, other lines of thought that suggests just the opposite. For example, say that human beings through the senses, what we perceive is only an illusion, and that the truth would be given by introspection.

In some places in the world of yoga and religion are closely linked, because it is a society that divided the religion of health but they go together.

For them, healing involves healing the body and heal the spirit. In contrast, elsewhere in the world, alternative therapies and medicine are still decoupled.

On behalf of science, there is still a long way towards acceptance and the association of yoga as a treatment that requires a real healing. However, it is too large amount of people worldwide who use this technique to Heal Your Life.

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