Tendonitis is quite simply a tendon inflation only lasts about 48-72 hours, whose clinical manifestation is simple and obvious it spontaneously localized pain, tenderness or mobility. The basic problem arising from the condition of a chronic injury to no therapeutic remedies in due course.


When we become chronic tendonitis to a tendinosis, a situation that for many people seems to have no medical solution, when the reality is very different, it is possible to cure most chronic tendonitis, avoiding surgery, simply by reviewing in detail the causes that have given rise to the inflammatory process evolves and lasts over time.

Whatever the underlying cause of the process, the phenomenon responsible for the intimate frame will be a change in the capillary micro-circulation of the tendon, with the consequent worsening of blood flow that provides oxygen and nutrients to the fibroblasts.

Just this micro-circulatory disturbance is the basis of alternating hot and cold therapies specific to the chronic tendonitis in order to revitalize the tendon, to improve internal circulation, by an alternation of vasoconstriction and vasodilation processes to ensure proper pumping and distribution blood to all parts of the tendon structure.

Classification tendonitis
For its evolution over time are going to tendonitis classified into two main groups:

Acute: take hours or days earlier.
Chronic take weeks or months.

Clearly the classification made is eminently practical because from a medical point of view any inflammation that develops over 48 hours without referring to acquire the character of chronicity.

There is another classification of the tendonitis that tabulate differently in the presence of the parameter evolution and painful:

Grade 1: There is no kind of discomfort at rest or during physical activity but to stay cool and stop the activity appears localized pain and palpable.

Grade 2:
There’s trouble before the start of the activity but relieved by heat or worse then the train to stop and cool down.

Grade 3: The pain is so intense that it prevents the training.

In every stage of tendonitis be reached by evolution from the previous level. In most cases when someone with tendonitis optional opinion requested for their condition is usually found in a grade 2 evolution.

Treatment of tendonitis
In a concrete form the general treatment of tendonitis goes through the following therapeutic measures applied in an orderly and accurate:

Relative rest
No need for a complete rest with immobilization including, enough only to make sport rest.

Thermal measurements
In acute tendonitis: Application of cold owning the beneficial effects of analgesia or pain relief and anti-inflammatory effect.

In chronic tendonitis: Implementation of an alternative therapy for hot and cold to stimulate the micro-circulation of chronically damaged tendon.

Anti-inflammatory analgesics
Tendonitis grade 1: Apply topical (local) in the form of ointments or sprays.

Tendonitis grade 2: Apply topical plus oral administration of preparations.

Tendonitis Grade 3: Apply topical, oral and injectable together, the latter reserved for authorized staff to apply for the purpose.

The resolution and relief of tendonitis involves implementing a special type of massage known local Cyriax, whose effects are reflected in the resolution of the inflammatory process, inducing the activity of fibroblasts of the tendon and blood microcirculation improvement.

To reduce and / or limit the tension exerted by the muscle on the tendon affected by inflammation.

Treatment and disposal of cases
It is essential for the eradication of tendonitis and no recurrence of the same as treating each and every one of the possible causes that have contributed effectively to the production thereof.


Reserved for those long-standing chronic tendonitis that do not subside despite having implemented all the above measures.

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