It is a technique that aims more to therapy than relaxation. In this way, the massage Swedish is often used much in hospitals, where it is used as an analgesic method and stress reducer of patients who undergo it.

Swedish massage

In principle, the Swedish massage is less glamorous than the Eastern methods specifically designed for men looking for welfare. The Swedish massage is a powerful way to regain vitality and fitness.

It is a dynamic technique, which seeks to combat muscle and joint tension. Its application seeks invigorating the elimination of toxins, thus producing the human body, the same effect as a workout.

Based on the technical fitness of the Scandinavians, and methods of the doctors of antiquity, the massage Swedish consists of a series of movements based on friction, percussion and taps capable of activating the full muscle person undergoing this therapy.

Swedish massage was developed in the nineteenth century by the Swede Per Henrik Ling, also inventor of Swedish gymnastics. The technique became known outside national borders until 1900. In the same period, with the arrival of Scandinavian immigrants, which favored the development and deployment in the United States.

In principle, one bit sensual massage, but very effective for toning muscles. The method works directly on the health and relaxation of each patient.

The massage is specially designed to combat pain and postoperative symptoms, against back pain and stress. In any case must take into account that may be contraindicated in people with heart and circulatory problems.

Swedish massage is widely used in Europe but also in North America, since the technique is very similar to physiotherapy, which is usually practiced in spas.

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