The foot reflexology and massage of the feet are part of traditional techniques for body care, and going back to ancient times. This was known in ancient Egypt, and proof of this are the reason the documents illustrating the practice of reflexology.

feet Reflexology

From the theory of areas, developed by Dr. Fitzgerald in 1913, a nurse, Eunice Ingham developed the foundations of Western reflexology, as taught today, the mapping of bodies reflected in the feet.

The technique
The feet are one body area of great sensitivity and the nerve endings of the key organs of the body go through the feet. Every part of the foot is in contact, through the inter-mediation of the nervous system autonomous, with the body’s organs, and according to very precise topography.

Therefore, if stimulate the foot, will inevitably stimulate the specific organ in question.

With a massage in the areas reflected in the foot, all physiological systems of the body can be effectively regulated.

All organ systems can benefit from reflexology: circulation, digestion, respiration, glands, etc.. The body tends to recover its balance has been altered by stress or illness.

Allowing a session of reflexology is nothing more than welfare provided care and comfort, but also is a simple way to strengthen weak areas of the body, restoring energy flow and maintain health.

This is a technique that presents no danger and can be very beneficial for the following state of distress:

  1. Stress-related problems, in order to relax and recover back to sleep.
  2. Circulation problems, as it facilitates the intravenous flow and lymphatic circulation.
  3. Immunity problems, activating the functions of elimination from the body.
  4. Inflammatory problems: sciatica, sinusitis, …
  5. Digestion problems, and states of hypoglycemia.
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