It is one of the cancers with highest incidence in women worldwide and a major cause of mortality. The ability to reduce and control the development of this disease focuses on the implementation of strategies designed to provide information based cancer prevention and early detection and treatment of patients with cancer.

Prevent Breast Cancer

Using these techniques can prevent approximately 30% of the cases. The risk group consists of women between 25 to 65 years of age, the frequency of the last control is greater than two years.

Ideally, every woman does, at least once a month. The best time to do this is, after 18 years, between 7 and 10 days after menstruation, when the breasts are least tender.

Step 1: Stand facing the mirror, hands on hips. Observe if the breasts have their shape, color and normal size. Also, check for nodules, ridges or tissue sunk. Do the same with both arms raised. If detect any irregularity, consult your personal doctor.

Step 2: Stand with your right hand, review the left chest and left hand, right chest. Join the fingertips and press. Make a circular motion covering small areas of skin. Press the center of the breast, then the sense of clockwise (right) and finally, vertical. Lying on a comfortable surface and repeat the same sequence.

Step 3: Feel armpits for lumps ruled out, and press each nipple to detect if there is any discharge.

Maintain healthy lifestyle habits in both food consumption as a habit of physical activity, and gynecological control are also ways of prevention, as well as the fact of reducing the consumption of alcohol, snuff and infections.

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