It is known from Mud treatment made out of mud, clay or mud, a natural material, healthy and therapeutic, have in common the different mud therapies restoring normal activity of vital organs.

mud therapy

Even in ancient times, clay was used by Greeks, Romans, Arabs and other peoples of the East. Applying it to treat various diseases. But over time this natural material was left behind by the man and after many years returns to winning on so-called alternative medicines.

In Germany, North America, Switzerland, Austria and other countries now exist health centers specialized, having all the elements and modern technology to implement Mud.

The sludge is basically composed of minerals found in soil and water, as iron, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, manganese and copper trace elements and minerals as well as geological silicates, quartz, mica and also animal fossils and plants that are brought to the surface by water giving conformation.

Moreover, the mud is freed from any contamination when the water evaporates, thus achieved their wealth keep intact and become more focused and active, maximizing all your healing skills.

Mud has healing properties that are capable of extracting both inside and outside the body all the impurities that are hurting. May come from both volcanic areas, as land in the vicinity of mineral springs or land and deep caves.

The healing properties of sludge depend on the substances contained in the deep layers of the earth. However, there are clay surface that are of excellent quality which are provided free of contaminants. Must not be used as clay or mud that is found in places of crops treated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

The mud has a many cases of skin therefore in many places it is used to treat bites or stings of snakes and scorpions, and that when applying the mud over the wound substances penetrate it eliminates toxins and poisons, as well as revitalize the diseased tissue, decongestant and standardize the bloodstream.

The mud has refreshing, anti-inflammatory, healing, Besides being soothing and absorbent. To use the mud for therapeutic purposes are added activators, which are liquid solutions that enhance the natural effects of it.

Among the most common triggers are:

  • The activator moisturizer and toner: Is that contains rose oil, propylene glycol, glycerin and witch hazel extract that tones, softens and moisturizes the skin.
  • The trigger lightening discoloration: A solution that has hydrogen peroxide, glycolic acid and oil of roses, its action is to reduce the signs of aging. Besides being lightening as it removes stains caused by too much sun and old age. It is also a natural exfoliant that acts dragging dead cells.
  • antiseborrheic activator and purifying: Composed of mallow extract, camphor, boric acid and rose oil. Purifies, detoxifies and cleaning the skin of impurities.

Due to its healing properties, mud is recommended for certain diseases as rheumatism articulate and deforming, swelling of the joints, gout, muscle aches, nervous, ulcers, abscesses, fistulas, lumbago, arthritis, headache, wounds and cuts, herpes, lymphatic inflammations, burns and sprains.

Mud can also be used to treat certain aesthetic conditions as premature aging, dry skin and dehydrated, sagging in the breast and is very effective for treatments lymphatic drainage and hair loss.

Generally, treatments Mud is made in the form of masks or facial applications. If used for treatments chronic rheumatic diseases as it is placed once a day for occlusive and with temperatures ranging between 35 and 38 degrees C, to achieve local vasodilatation which helps the absorption of minerals.

As experience shows, the Mud has no major contradictions, but that should not be used on open wounds or very hot mud in acute processes. With respect to the clay or mud to be used, currently the most common are the white, red and green.

Unlike other natural therapies, which tend to be more or less expensive, mud therapy session is characterized by being less expensive, so it is accessible to a greater number of people who want to make a treatment.

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