Usually referred to this type of therapy as relaxing as “Stone Therapy” or “Hotstones”. This is a hot stone massage that was used long ago by Native American civilizations at the time of the ritual forms of treatment.

hot stone massage

Concentrate energies
Before each session, the stones are heated in a bath of hot water. They are basalt, which once placed on the hot body’s energy centers or “chakras”, and specifically in the palm of their hands, to along the vertebral column, enter the toes on the front, etc …

Heat, primarily located on the center energy is diffused throughout the body. The thoughts naturally focus on these points. The body relaxes.

The stones used are volcanic rocks that have been naturally polished by the water. They are soft to the touch, and associated with specific oils for massage, scented, glide over the skin, stimulating energy.

The technique
Also use other types of stones for the massage. Then begins the real dance of stones throughout the body. Friction, pressure, vibration, all massage techniques can be used.

The heat from the stones relaxes muscles, allowing the therapist to work, although the patient has painful tensions at the beginning of the session.

The hot stone massage is a pleasant experience, general welfare throughout the body. The person receiving this therapy experience deep relaxation, which lasts over time. The massage causes muscle stimulation.

This is a massage based on energy, chakras, reflexology and traditional massage. Naturally, the physiological effects are first observed, by relaxation about the concentration of thoughts on the chakras. But also, the physiological effects of detoxification are remarkable.

Who goes?
Massage is suitable for anyone. However, it is not recommended for people with diabetes, major cardiovascular problems (poor circulation), or whose immune system is weakened.

Depending on the health of each patient, the practitioner will adjust the temperature appropriate to the person who submits to a hot stone session. You can also alternate the use of hot stones with cold stones, helping to relieve deep muscle tensions and pains in general.

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