So nice and sensual, the massage head has many benefits, and better if do as a couple. The first thing know is that the scalp is composed of two types of sensors.

head massage

There are those who react with the ambient temperature, and make the hair stand on end when it’s cold, and those who are connected to the expression of emotions, making the hair root is stimulated.

Interestingly, the head massage can excite a large number of highly erogenous points of our body. First thing to know is that you do not need any type of oil for a head massage.

However, to create the ideal situation, it is recommended to burn a little incense, and light some candles, putting the dimly lit room.

There is nothing more sensual than give us a head massage as a prelude to a successful sexual relationship.

Creating the environment
The first thing is to create the necessary environment for the massage head. Ideally, both the giver as the person who will receive are naked or scantily clad on top.

The ideal position: the masseur is placed on the sofa, and one person sits on the floor, leaning back on the legs of the masseuse. Need a hairbrush, but it is smooth, and a large tooth comb.

Weill put a bit of soothing ambient music, zen-like or new era. Now can start giving the massage: take the comb and began to untangle the hair of your partner (who has his eyes closed). The hair is made from the forehead to the nape.

First do it gently and then weill do it in reverse, combing the hair in the opposite direction of growth, leaving your partner’s hair fall forward.

As if a shampoo
Then, with the fingertips of two hands, supporting them vertically on the forehead, eyebrow height, put pressure over the scalp, as if marking the grooves of a land that will be planted. Will make digital friction circle, like when wash the head with the shampoo.

This technique is used to relax the entire scalp, eliminating the tensions accumulated stress.

Then move on to the stage of planing, uniformly and consistently with the right pressure, neither too strong nor too weak. The feeling is of total relaxation.

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