Salt is an ingredient essential to maintaining fluid balance in our bodies, as well as nerve and muscle activity and is not harmful to health if consumed in a balanced way, without abusing it.

The components of salt are extremely necessary to maintain electrolyte balance. Our agency is linked closely with the water, taking into account the salt and sodium chloride provides therefore a higher salt content in the body the greater the retention of water.


Salt is an electrolyte essential for muscle activity and nerve cell. However, a proper diet should be taken more than 4 to 6 grams of sodium chloride. In general, if consume more than the normal 7 to 12 grams per day.

The important thing is knowing that, reducing salt intake reduce the risk of hypertension. Also, their lack is also detrimental to health as hyponatremia (low blood sodium) is directly related to cardiovascular events. Moreover, the loss of sodium can cause disruption of memory, concentration, behavior, and may create drowsiness.

In return, when you have altered the mechanisms of thirst and there are said to suffer from dehydration from hypernatremia (excess sodium in the blood).

The loss of salt in our body is produced through perspiration, urine, tears and feces and the body itself, which normally regulates the losses.

Therefore, if perform intense exercise and as a result sweat in abundance, sodium and save kidneys produce less urine. Therefore it is necessary to drink plenty of water and broth with plenty of salt after gymnastics.

Salt intake is contraindicated when you have high blood pressure, some types of diabetes and in those diseases where the kidneys are involved by fluid retention. Pregnant women should also reduce edema sodium when they are caused by the water retention.

Change some eating habits can help people who have become addicted to salt and over time increase their intake to dangerous levels. Not be advisable to replace common salt, sea salt, since both have the same amount of sodium.

It should be noted that taste buds have a certain threshold and when it is customary to eat a lot of salt that threshold is raised and as a result every time in more amount of salt needed to achieve the desired flavor in food.

Also, if we take the habit to reduce the use of salt to the normal parameters discover the true flavor of food. The food can be spiced in many ways simple and healthy, without using too much salt, such as using herbs such as rosemary, tarragon, sage, mint, oregano and cilantro, and spices like pepper, curry, cinnamon, saffron , cumin, cayenne and nutmeg.

Educate your palate and enhance the flavor of each food, learning healthy ways to spice will bring many benefits to our health.

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