Many people suffer from headaches regularly and both migraine headaches such as migraine headaches can not only be annoying but to be disabling for sufferers.

There are plenty of drugs and medicines that meet a palliative role, but do not solve the problem permanently, because the headache is repeated, because in reality it is a treatable condition but has no definitive cure.


It is not known with certainty the origin of headache and there are several factors that can produce them. However, it is important to know that there are many foods that can help relieve headache and others can increase it instead.

Some foods have an inflammatory effect and anti-inflammatory and act as eat our body through a system called prostaglandins which are the two effects mentioned.

Many foods trigger the inflammatory and other anti-inflammatories. For that reason, knowing that food can greatly alleviate headaches or increased in great shape.

Thus, they increase headaches generally have “tyrosine” which becomes “tyramine”, a vaso-active amino acid, which causes cerebral vasoconstriction first and then dilation of blood vessels in the head.

Therefore, within the foods to avoid include dairy products in general and especially hard cheeses and fermented, the so-called blue cheese, since the more severe are the headaches increase. Also, chocolate, black coffee sweeteners or artificial sweeteners, especially those who use aspartame in their diet.

Soy sauce is not natural and Chinese food, as the oriental use a lot of “monosodium glutamate”, product that acts as a flavor enhancer in foods and taste buds dilate, increasing the pleasure. In the hour of eating foods containing this additive begin to manifest symptoms of headache.

In addition, most packaged and canned foods contain this flavor enhancer product, so the headaches will consume almost all cases.

It is also advisable to avoid products called light, refined white flour, and for those allergic to gluten, also will be banned containing meal. It should be noted that wheat flour is the most gluten has, besides oats, barley and rye.

Drinking a glass of good wine does not, but too conventional or liquor if you do. It is also advisable to avoid as much as possible in white sugar.

What is recommended when such headaches is to use natural mechanisms to address them:

  • Eating fruits and raw vegetables.
  • Drink squeezed lemon juice diluted in warm water. Do it slowly.
  • It is important to drink water, it brings oxygen to the brain uses to the maximum.
  • If you want to eat only cereal grains.
  • Sweeten with honey or brown sugar.
  • Carry a supply with cleaning effect and not simply as possible to recharge the liver
  • Almonds have analgesic properties, so it is good to eat a handful as it contains salicylic acid.
  • The ginger tea is very effective for migraine, combined with 1 tablespoon half willow bark and star anise.
  • Take two cups of ginger tea combined with 1 tablespoon willow bark and ½ teaspoon of anise.
  • This infusion so naturally from willow bark, has inspired many laboratories begin to synthesize aspirin.
  • Another excellent phytotherapy is called mother tincture of Migranela.

Natural remedies for headaches in general, are an excellent alternative, in addition to not harm health, a point which gives added value.

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