All now heard about the Mediterranean diet and the many benefits it brings to health. This diet comes precisely from populations around the Mediterranean is mainly composed of olive oil, vegetables, fish, grains, fruits and nuts and ignoring almost entirely of dietary, alcohol and meat.

mediterranean diet

Has been shown to maintain such a strict diet provides the body of a very high protection against some diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, in addition to heart disease and cancer.

Some studies done some years ago had already shown signs of this protective role, but none had done a review of all available data to assess whether there was any link between the fact of following the Mediterranean diet and the occurrence of chronic disease in type general population.

But now a team of Italian researchers affiliated with the University of Florence conducted an evaluation where more than a million and half people between 3 and 18, which allowed to monitor their eating habits and health.

The studies used a numerical score to determine how much a person actually joins the Mediterranean diet and to do so results could be displayed.

Thus, it was found that those who adhered strictly to a Mediterranean diet were significant improvements in their health and declined to 9% of total mortality, another 9% death rate for cardiovascular diseases, a decrease of 13 % in the incidence of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s and a 6% reduction in cancer.

The researchers noted that maintaining a high score of adherence to a Mediterranean diet may mean being in front of a very effective prevention tool that can reduce the risk of both mortality and disease in the general population.

Results from these studies have significant implications for public health in general and in particular to the population and to reduce premature death.

Moreover, these findings only confirm the recommendations of those scientific institutions that encourage people to maintain a rate similar to the Mediterranean diet to effectively prevent chronic diseases.

Healthy eating consuming carbohydrates and fibers, is the ideal diet for those who lead a very active life.

The Mediterranean diet is simple to implement and can make changes gradually, thus feeding is not only healthier but also will be changing our lifestyle, which will be to our benefit.

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