Create a space of love
First of all, are about the place of your meditation to be beautiful and pleasant. Your room has become a temple. Place a candle to the four corners of your space, do burn incense, put music you like and even a bouquet of flowers for example.

The idea is to break the routine of marriage and restore his sense of the sacred to the Love!

Couple Meditation

Then, standing or kneeling in front of your partner, bow deeply before he or she, clasping her hands, but without the stop (the) eye contact. While you translate your bow, your appreciation for each other.

Feel where it is
Sitting face to face, eye to eye, take the time to ask how far from each one you feel most comfortable? This distance do you think it intolerable, or pleasant or reassuring? Do you experience an irresistible urge to throw yourself straight into the arms of one another or rather you want to be alone?

This little exercise is important and may take several minutes because many of us refuse to establish their territory for fear of losing their partner or opposite case.

The meditative look
It is to strip naked, face to face with his partner, and look at each other and that’s it: nothing else to do without his eyes, to feel that everything that happens within oneself, desire, frustration, anything and this for 30 minutes.

The massage
You can also exchange a massage. Massage yourself to one another as often as possible. Some can not help but put a sexual connotation, what a mistake! The primary benefit of massage is to bring down the stress level and then increase the sensitivity of all body parts. Take time to choose the scented oils that you like.

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