Hypochondria is a health problem mentally and that has as main characteristic the fact that the person believed to be suffering from a serious medical condition that may put their lives at risk.

Hypochondria Disorder

The person suffering from hypochondria adopts an attitude, to the supposed disease that can lead to symptoms that are related to that ailment, although it is healthy. This is a type which can occur sporadically, but usually is chronic and therefore is always present in the life of the person who has it.

You can usually occur when there are periods of depression, anxiety, coupled with the loneliness. The person with hypochondria can not and do not know how to handle the situation and their feelings, having a pressing need to draw the attention of those around her.

The causes that can cause this disorder are more among them:

  • The person makes a misinterpretation of symptoms
  • The trigger can be some kind of traumatic experience, related to an illness or death of a loved one.
  • Having always had an excessive protection by their parents
  • Education on the basis of fear

It has been found also that for example in the case of an epidemic are many people who suffer from hypochondria, which may be chronic or temporary.

As a symptom of hypochondria, anxiety can be noted that the person feels when faced with the risk of disease. The concern becomes exaggerated in all topics related to health.

Sometimes the hypochondriac can be for hours in a permanent state of meditation so the symptoms you have, whether real or imaginary. The hypochondriac suffering from excessive anxiety is suffering from a disease called severe and often, after reading an article related to health or have visited a sick person begins to feel the symptoms of an ailment.

Also, they’re a nuisance of any kind, excessive sweating, increased heart rate, abdominal pains and cramps. His obsession is such that their conversations always revolve around issues of health and disease.

Hypochondria is a psychological condition to be treated by a specialist, usually a psychologist, who will try to make him understand that allegedly suffers from the disease may have causes such as anxiety or stress and handled through a special therapy to help to overcome the problem.

The treatment that have proven most effective is cognitive behavioral education is basically and teaches the patient and family, if necessary, new ways of tackling the problem. They are also excellent relaxation exercises and programming tasks and prohibitions.

It is noteworthy that the first professional interventions are aimed at lowering the level of patient anxiety and later form are processed and analyzed the factors that gave rise to anxiety.

In hypochondriasis the drugs do not have much effect, unless they are used to control symptoms of anxiety or depression.

However, one type of problem is completely treatable and curable through appropriate therapies, requiring the cooperation of the people who are close to the hypochondriac.

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