Against bad breath, and pasty mouth upon awakening, there are a number of tricks and hygiene rules can not be forgotten. The ideal is to get a scraping of the tongue, and do it every day and every time need a more thorough cleaning.

Bacteria and bad breath
The mouth is home to thousands of germs and bacteria that are responsible for the plaque that accumulates on teeth. Tartar is deposited on the teeth as much about language. This bacterial flora contributes to bad breath.

This phenomenon is accentuated, usually in men particularly, since language has a more raspy than women.

The specific attention to the language of men favoring the capture and retention and waste of all kinds of food particles, which are conducive to bacterial growth.

Precisely, it is these bacteria which favor the development of dental caries. But at the same time generate some malodorous gases, responsible for halitosis.

Although it is recommended brushing your teeth three times a day, and after each meal, to get rid of oral bacteria, it is also necessary to have an effective scraping of the tongue.

The ideal is to do with a jet of pressurized water to remove as much as possible accumulated debris between teeth or a dental floss, and end with a special mouthwash.

Scraping the tongue
Usually not so easy to find in stores for the tongue scrapers. In that case it is best to ask at a pharmacy. It is much better and effective scraping of the tongue brushing it.

The technique

  • Do it before brushing the teeth.
  • Once a day.
  • From back to front. The neophytes will gradually, increasingly going back.
  • Rinse the scraper after each session.
  • Rinsing the mouth after each scraping.
  • Finish the process with a special mouthwash.

Some studies show that daily expression of oral and dental hygiene is more important than we think. The association of tongue scraping and brushing is very effective and necessary for good health of the mouth in general, and to combat bad breath.

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