Panic disorder is characterized by attacks of panic (or anxiety attacks) recurrent unexpected. It can be combined or not with agoraphobia. During a panic attack, the fear response is out of proportion to the situation that often is not threatening.

Panic Disorder

Over time, a person who suffers from this disorder develops a constant fear of making seizures, which can affect daily life and bring such to avoid places or situations where an attack has occurred or where it believes an attack might occur.

A panic attack is a discrete period marked by the sudden occurrence of intense apprehension or fear often associated with a feeling of impending doom. During these attacks are present symptoms such as feeling of breath, palpitations, chest pain, or a gene, a feeling of choking or a feeling of suffocation and fear of going crazy or losing control of oneself.

How to control a panic attack?
The more one understands how the arising of panic attacks (also called Panic attacks, anxiety attacks or anxiety attacks), the more may be able to control them.

First, he must know that the body’s natural reaction to anxiety is to accelerate the breathing also becomes very superficial. This increases the oxygen level in the blood. When this level exceeds a certain threshold, anxiety symptoms settle. His symptoms contribute back to increase anxiety or distress.

Can mitigate this by taking the time to focus on breathing to make deeper and more particularly slow. This requires several minutes of concentration because at this moment, it is against nature to breathe calmly as we are anxious. But to put a little anxious thoughts aside and focus on breathing also helps that this method works because it is these thoughts that put us in this state.

Also, be aware that in emotional states such as anxiety, anguish, depression, anger, etc.., thoughts are influenced by these statements. They become biased (less rational) and help to maintain and amplify the emotional states. In these moments, for example, the person will think the worst that can happen when the facts do not justify believing that the worst is most likely. Or if the person is dead, the challenges it faces he may see the mountains. There is no time to think about problems when anxiety is too strong or too much fatigue. In these moments, it is often preferable to postpone the discussion and agreement rather a moment of relaxation and recreation, entertainment and make some nice things.

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