Through meditation affects your brain and thus the entire body. Through meditation you can lower your blood pressure, the quantity of stress hormones in the body.

meditation for brain

meditation for brain

Meditation lowers the amount of stress hormones
Studies of meditation effects on the brain show that regular meditation increases the amount of alpha-rays associated with a relaxed and peaceful state of mind. An increased activity of alpha-rays lowers blood pressure and heart rate. The level of stress hormones in your body will also be lowered and the mind becomes more tranquil.

Meditation does more creative
When meditation becomes deeper accumulations of Theta-rays. It gives an even greater state of relaxation and a more creative and intuitive thinking power. Meditation promotes the ability to solve problems and open up a spiritual insight and enlightenment. Delta-rays that occur during the deepest meditation, it trained mediator access to the subconscious.

Experienced meditation can also display an increased amount of gamma rays. Gamma rays will connect the with an intense focus and concentration, especially in the anterior part of the brain where the positive feelings generated.

Studies have shown that meditation:

  • Increases the thickness of the part of the brain associated with a cognitive and emotional process and well being
  • Increases the activity in that part of the brain used to be observant and take resolutions
  • Reassures those areas of the brain associated with emotional reactivity
  • Increases the general blood supply to the brain
  • Prevents gray substance decomposes in the brain, a normal process in our aging
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