Our fingers are wonderful tools that enable us to perform the most amazing things. Here are some exercises that increase the possibility of fingers can act as perfect as possible. The more burden on them, the more important it is to keep them in shape. Stretch very easy until you feel a little resistance when doing stretching exercises. Wait for the resistance disappears and then stretch a little more. That way you can gradually improve the movement. Stretching too hard you do more harm than good! Take your time! Hold right palm so that it points toward the body and fingertips down to a table. Let the index finger sliding forward while the middle finger sliding backwards-they go in “splits” as a ballet dancer. Move slowly hand down so your fingers gradually stretched away from each other.

Change now, so the index finger pointing towards the rear and middle finger up and stretch gently again. Repeat both directions with the middle finger and ring finger and ring finger and little finger. Make all the same exercises with your left hand.

This exercise stretches the hand deep muscles and increases finger agility and strength. Tap the underside of the outermost of pegefingrenes fingertips against each other. Tap with equal force in both hands so your fingers do not move. The kind of muscle work is called isometric muscles used, but it does not lead to any movement. Keep the pressure is 10 seconds and then relax by. Repeat with long fingers, ring fingers and little fingers.

As a variation you can do exercise with your fingernail to fingernail-it becomes so the muscles could have stretched his fingers, is used.

These exercises, relaxes and strengthens your fingers. Keep one hand in front of you. Bend the first finger maximally in the two outer joints and keep it there. The other fingers should not move. Bend also saw middle finger, ring finger and little finger in the same way. Stretch them looked back, one by one.

Do the same but in reverse order, so you start with the little finger. Bend and stretch so one finger at a time, while the other is stretched out completely without moving. Finding himself in as many combination’s as possible. Repeat with the second hand or do the exercises with both hands simultaneously.

These exercises are good for fine motor skills and finger movement. Hold right hand with fingers stretched and spread in front of you. Then the left hand forefinger and middle finger into the bottom of the gap between right hand and pointing the thumb. Associate now right hand and hold firmly on the left hand two fingers. Keep the pressure is 15 seconds.

The exercise relax the thumb and provides better movement. These exercises can be done virtually anywhere, using for example the thighs in front of you instead of a table. Make them when you think you at your computer stops at red lights, is the toilet, waiting for a phone, etc. etc. It should never hurt. Sometimes exercises alone will not do it. Are there problems with the movement of fingers (or other element) you can try to talk to a chiropractor about it. He is a specialist in such things.

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