Thermal burns to the skin in the home – it burns from boiling water, hot steam, flame, hot metal – in other words, from the effects on the skin at high temperatures. This skin cells are dying. The higher the temperature, the deeper the burn. I degree burn – is a reddening of the skin burn of II degree – blistering of the skin; III degree burn – skin necrosis; IV degree burns – the deep tissue necrosis. The severity of the burns depends on the area of destruction.

First aid for Burns

First aid – to cool the surface of the burn with cold water to stop the further effect of temperature, and subjective – to reduce the sensation of pain. At 10-15 min cool down the affected areas with cold water, ice, snow, and then close them with a dry antiseptic dressing.

I degree burns after the cooling process the 40%-m alcohol or cologne.
At the II degree burns after treatment with alcohol, apply a sterile bandage.
Burns III-IV degree of interference to the doctor does not open or puncture formed bubbles, simply put a sterile bandage without removing from the surface of the burn residue clothes. Clothes neatly cut with scissors along the edge of the burnt surface. If the victim is conscious and not the phenomena of shock, give him 2 tablets analginum and immediately send it to hospital.
In extensive burns of any degree is required hospitalization. If the burn surface area is large enough that it is not possible to cover it with bandages, wrap the victim a clean sheet and blanket wrap.

If medical assistance is delayed, with burns II-IV degree of environmental clean skin swabs, moistened with ammonia, remove as much as possible observing sterility, shreds of skin, but the large bubbles do not touch. Contaminated land clean swabs soaked with hydrogen peroxide. Carefully drain the wound surface and cover it with a sterile bandage streptotsidnoy emulsion or furatsilinovoy ointment.
If the thermal burns on the face were burned eyelids, treat the damaged surface of the green.
Folk medicine recommends wet with urine burns. Perebintovyvat and kept wet bandages urine, not letting them dry. In severe burns to do this procedure a few days in a row.
• Another way to treat a burn – potatoes. Grate the fresh potatoes, put on a rag and tied to a problem area. Once the compress warms, remove it.
• method of treatment for tea: brew a strong black or green tea, brew to cool to 15 ° C and pour it scorched places perebintovyvaya them. Constantly wet bandages brew, not allowing them to dry. Doing so for 10-12 days.
Chemical burns in the home – is often burns with strong acids and alkalis. First aid – immediately wash the affected skin corrosives plenty of water. With acid burns Wash the affected surface with a weak solution of baking soda (1h. Spoon to 1 cup of water), with alkali burns – a weak acid solution (boric, citric acid). You can dilute the vinegar with water (5 parts water to 1 part vinegar).
Warning: If you burned lime, pour water on the burnt place can not! In this case, make lotion with 20% solution of sugar. However, the eye in lime burns (slaked or quicklime) must as soon as possible wash eyes running water.
With acid burns of the eyes rinse them 10-15 minutes a weak jet of water, then rinse with an additional 2% solution of baking soda. This opens the eyelids apart.
In alkali burns of the eyes, wash with abundant water, and then an additional – 2% solution of boric acid or vinegar diluted with water (50 parts water 1 part vinegar).
Burns of face and body strong acids, lime, traditional medicine recommends to treat the imposition of regular baking soda and olive oil. Soda neutralizes the poisonous acids, and olive oil maintains the softness of the wound and prevents the formation of cracks.
If burned his throat, it is recommended to drink all oils: olive oil, water mixed with raw egg protein.

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