The power of penetration and therefore the depth of these therapies depends on the wavelength;
Once you enter are converted into heat by acting locally, because the human body is not a good conductor of heat.

It follows that most of the radiation therapy is contraindicated when the depth of tissue to be irradiated, there are metal parts (prostheses, plates, screws, etc.). That being good conductors of heat, absorbing it, they get hot they can cause burns so deep.
The simplest is that radiation therapy that uses high-calorie artificial light rays through ovens where the party is asked to be treated.
Other forms of therapy are the ultraviolet rays with good capacity for disinfection and healing power.

Ultrasound instead have a shorter wavelength and also is used to produce heat and their mechanical action at the tissue.
In marconiterapia and radartherapy, whose radiation from short to ultra short, it takes advantage of the greater or lesser penetration force to develop heat.

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