In this technique using a pulsed CO2 laser similar to that being used by more than 20 years in various fields of surgery, adapted and modified for the treatment of skin and defined, for the delicacy of its use, silk touch laser ( Laser touch of silk) (1999). The light emitted by this equipment “steam” the skin allowing for a selective treatment that leaves perfectly free of all surrounding tissues.
Laser Skin Resurfacing

The beam causes evaporation of water inside the cells, creating an accelerated desquamation of tissue treatment and a natural regeneration of skin. This instrument is equipped with computer control and optical scanner (technology devices such that the peeling skin is made with precision and safety).
The U.S. doctors consider the laser as the main weapon anti aging of tomorrow.

“Deletion” of facial wrinkles with Laser
The skin of the face tends to shrink and relax with age. So that it is for wrinkles around the eyes and on the contour of the lips, causing a look “tired” of the gaze and facial expression. This tendency of the skin cracked and mainly due to collagen loss and dehydration and secondary not only aging, but also to other causes. Most of the factors that may interact with age el’apparire promoting aging skin wrinkles is represented by: smoking, stress, excessive sun exposure, improper nutrition, air pollution alcoholism.

Treatment of facial wrinkles
The laser beam vaporizes the surface layer of skin softening the furrows of wrinkles. The epidermis, which remains below will produce new cells and will further stimulate the formation of collagen with a marked improvement in the texture of the skin. You can treat wrinkles around the eyes and the perioral region (around the mouth), which will be softened and smoothed, as if it were “lifted”. It can significantly improve the smile marked by very deep expression lines and can also easily treat acne scars and chicken pox. The laser can also easily be used for the treatment of “senile spots” of the hands and face, tattoos and scars in general.

After the treatment the skin becomes tighter, smoother and smoother.
Does not determine any change in the natural facial expression and mime.
The laser treatment is completely safe and there is no risk of bleeding.

After a suitable period of preparation of the skin with application of vitamin A and moisturizers treatment can be performed under local anesthesia with an injection just like the dentist. Recovery time is usually very brief. In the first 48 hours should not be exposed to the sun and you need to apply antibiotic cream on the skin, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. Will be some minor discomfort due to a feeling of warmth and burning similar to that of a sunstroke. Following the discomfort will disappear and you only have to use vaseline and moisturizing. For a certain period of time (10-15days), the skin takes on a smooth and a bright red color that will be easily masked by a slight trick.
Around the eyes may seem small swellings.
Must avoid direct exposure to the sun for 3 months (it will also be useful to use sunscreens with high protection factor for UVA and UVB).
Such care is very important, if not being met, in fact, may appear on the skin and permanent unsightly dark spots.
Exceptionally, even with all due caution, it may appear some small point of hyper-or hypo pigmentation but disappears in a short time (few weeks).
Do not forget to inform physicians of all types of viral infection (herpes), use of “Roacutane” for acne, creams to alfaidrossi acids or retinoic acid, hypersensitivity to the sun, recent chemical peels or dermabrasions.

The results are excellent if the information is correct.
In particular, deeper wrinkles are attenuated and finest totally disappeared. The treatment, if not entirely efficient, can be repeated after some time without any danger. To prolong the effects of therapy will be useful to continue the use of vitamin A during the winter and avoid all those factors that determine the aging skin.

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