Medication: Any substance or combination of substances for treating or preventing disease in human, as well as product out that can be administered to humans or animals to establish a diagnosis or to restoring, correcting or modify their functions.
Whatever its form combines a drug:
An active (therapeutic)
A vehicle (no action against the disease, support the active ingredient)
With an adjuvant (facilitates the implementation, administration, or retention of the drug).
The origins of drugs:
A plant (herbal)
Ä animal (opotherapy)
Ä mineral (trace element, mercury, …)
Ä microbial origin (antibiotics, vaccines, …)
Ä synthetic origin (chemotherapy, …)
Ä biotechnological origin (laboratory, biogenetic engineering, …).

The 4 types of preparation
A drug differs depending on the type of manufacture:
Specialty pharmaceutical
Ä compounding,
Ä preparation officinale,
Ä hospital preparation.

Specialty Pharmaceutical
Approximately 8 000 drugs are prepared in advance, mass-marketed after A UTHORIZATION ise M on the M arket (AMM), characterized by a special name which is the trade name, strictly controlled (no batch ), presented in a special pack.

For Pharmacists
Medicine prepared extemporaneously (not in advance), prepared in pharmacies, mandatory registration in a register, labeling rule to follow, conducted by a medical prescription, intended for a particular patient.

Preparation officinale
Drug whose composition is defined in the “official collection of the National Committee of the Pharmacopoeia. “Codex” is an official form that contains all the preparations that must be issued by a pharmacy.

Hospital preparation
Medication prepared by the hospital. Directed by medical prescription.

3 names for a drug
A chemical name corresponds roughly to the chemical formula (eg acetylsalicylic acid)
A Dr. AME OMMUNE I nternational C (eg aspirin)
A trade name (eg Aspégic, Kardégic, …)

Imprint on the box
The name of the drug followed by AME OF C OMMON I nternational (INN)
The qualitative composition of the active ingredient
The pharmaceutical form,
list of excipients,
mode of administration,
The entry “Do not bring within the reach of children”
The lot number,
The warning if necessary for this drug,
The date of expiry,
precautions conservation
The precautions for disposal of unused or empty
The name and address of the operator or manufacturer
number of marketing authorizations
Repayment terms,
class of drug.

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