Preparing for NCLEX is usually a stressful experience. After investing your time, money and energy completing nursing school, you face the challenge of taking a national licensure exam whose outcome determines if you are issued your Registered Nursing License. There are no special secrets, hidden clues or quick fixes when it comes to NCLEX. The National Council does not make past NCLEX questions available, so no one has an advantage over you. Preparing for NCLEX requires hard work, but it can be less stressful if you develop and follow a specific plan. After conducting review courses and writing review books for more than 20 years, recommendation is for you to:
Organize You should understand how the NCLEX is structured and what the test is asking of you. To obtain current NCLEX information, log onto, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing web site.This site contains helpful information regarding the test plan, application procedures, locations of Pearson Professional Centers (testing sites), and more. Log onto, go to Testing Services, and click on NCLEX Examination Candidate Bulletin.

And, you need to know what resources can help you prepare in the most efficient manner. You should have effective study aids for this review process. A good review book will assist your further study and review. Sandra Smith’s Review for NCLEX-RN and Sandra Smith’s Review for NCLEX-PN helped thousands of candidates for many years. A clear and concise review of nursing content with supporting questions, answers and rationale, this book is much more effective than a review that contains only questions and answers.

Assess So that you can focus your time and energy in the proper places, you should assess your readiness to take the NCLEX and identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses.
Study After you identify your weak areas, use a review book for further study. The review books described on this web site will fill your needs without your having to purchase several books. In addition to a complete review of nursing content, the RN and PN books contain questions at the completion of each clinical chapter, simulated NCLEX tests and a CD-ROM. The quality of your practice questions is more important than the quantity.
Reassess After you study topics where your knowledge base is lacking, take additional practice questions to measure your progress and give you feedback. Memorizing facts and figures and detailed information will not be sufficient. Once you know where you need additional study, more testing will help, providing that you take questions that are similar in content and difficulty with NCLEX. Remember, NCLEX will test your ability to analyze problems, apply your knowledge and make decisions.
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