Sandra Smith brings more than 25 years of teaching experience as a university professor and founder of the original nation-wide NCLEX review course to these popular and highly recommended review aids. An experienced team of clinical nursing faculty has added their expertise to each edition. When formulating the clinical questions and the simulated NCLEX-PN tests, the author and contributors focused on the most recent Job Analysis of Newly Licensed PN/VNs on which much of the NCLEX is based.

Sandra Smith's NCLEX-PN Review Book

Key Features

  • Compatible with the New 2005 NCLEX-PN Test Plan
  • Comprehensive PN/VN Content Review
  • Easy-to-read, Clear & Concise Outline Format
  • Practice Questions with Answers and Rationale for Each Chapter
  • Challenging Simulated NCLEX-PN Tests with Performance Summary
  • New Alternate NCLEX Question Formats
  • Questions Based on Critical Thinking Principles
  • Quick-reference Tables, Appendices and Illustrations
  • NCLEX Procedures, Study Guidelines and Test-taking Tips
  • CD-ROM with More Than 2350 Questions with Answers and Rationale

Look inside the Book

Contents (pdf) Sample Page

Table of Contents

  1. The NCLEX-PN & Test-taking Strategies
  2. Management Principles & Legal/Ethical Issues
  3. Nursing Through the Life Cycle
  4. General Nursing Concepts
  5. Pharmacology
  6. Nutritional Management
  7. Laboratory Tests
  8. Infection Control
  9. Disaster Nursing – Bioterrorism
  10. Medical-Surgical Nursing
  11. Emergency Nursing
  12. Oncology Nursing
  13. Geriatric Nursing
  14. Maternal/Newborn & Gynecological Nursing
  15. Pediatric Nursing
  16. Mental Health Nursing
  17. Simulated NCLEX Tests
  18. Bibliography
  19. Directory of Boards of Nursing


“I enjoy my NCLEX-PN book. It has really helped me with my exams, and I know it will prepare me me for my boards. I recommended it to every one of my classmates.”
Student, Ryal GA

“We use the PN book as a class supplement. The text is a wonderful adjunct throughout the first year, not just as a review at the completion.”
Instructor, Maui Community College

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