This “paper and pencil” test consists of a test booklet, a Scantron answer sheet and an answer booklet for each student. A Performance Report and a Group Summary are returned to the school/program. Recommends that the students retain the test and answer booklets as aids for additional study.

The simulated NCLEX-PN test, consisting of 240 items, is designed to identify each student’s areas of strength and weakness in terms of the current NCLEX Test Plan. The challenging questions focus on the most important material that candidates must master in order to pass NCLEX.

Student feedback includes a detailed Individual Performance Summary, and an answer booklet that contains the answers and rationale for all 240 questions, plus guidelines for further review. The performance summaries for both students and class show scores on 22 variables such as clinical area, client need and nursing process.

Faculty receive a Group Summary listing each student’s overall score, the group’s score on each of 22 variables, and the group’s score on each of the 240 questions. The group feedback indicates to faculty where additional teaching emphasis may be needed.

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