Alginates Biodegradable natural polysaccharides are non-woven fiber derived from the calcium salt of alginic acid (from seaweed). Although they are commonly known as calcium alginate, all are composed of ions of sodium and calcium in different proportions.

These dressings are in Print and mechas18. In advanced healing diabetic foot ulcers are used in moderate to heavy exudate and after surgery or surgical debridement. For ulcers without exudate or discharge low, are contraindicated because they promote the drying of the ulcer bed.

Technical Ulcers are used in flat sheets. In cavitating ulcers used spiral strands, arranged in loose form, in both types of ulcer dressing using a traditional, special traditional or hydrophilic foam as secondary dressing. The change is made according to the amount of exudate, with a maximum stay of three days. In the presence of infection, the change is made daily.


  • In the cavities, the alginate should be applied in a loose spiral and for the avoidance of ischemia.
  • In patients with surgical toilet, surgical debridement or amputation alginate is used to control the discharge and that this dressing provides hemostasis.
  • If the dressing is dry to change it is necessary to saturate it with saline to help removal.
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