Nature is life, health and well-being. And if we enjoyed it with our loved ones and friends, ones much better! You come Camping with us? Enjoy all the benefits offered by nature; because it is the best sport we play.

A perfect activity to teach children the value of the environment, something that many adults also we should remember. Because there is plenty of life, if we forget for a moment of television, technology, mobile phones… In health passion we go camping, but first of all, here are some tips for camping with kids.

camping with kids

Camping safely

Security is a very important requirement. So do not forget to choose a safe camping area, where you can enjoy all the members of the family. Children’s activities, areas specially designated for the smaller House, services and facilities, since relief… But the first aid kit not forgets at home. Read the rest of this entry »

Infections in feet and nails are not welcome. Logically, our first impulse is to consult with our doctor. But although its appearance is pretty nasty, in the majority of cases do not have to worry.

Nail and feet infections may be due to many different causes, as wearing little appropriate shoes, mushrooms or even unhygienic habits of life. Anyway, the prevention in the best treatment to avoid this kind of inconveniences. But if it’s too late, don’t miss some treatments against infections in nails and feet that you will learn today in our blog.

nail and feet infections

Nail infections

Pain, redness and swelling are usually the most common symptoms of an infection on the foot, i.e. an ingrown nail. A nuisance who is infected with quite easily, so you must act immediately before it gets worse. Read the rest of this entry »

If you have a busy and with little time to take care agenda have you thinking of a routine training exercise consisting of intensive physical soon ?

But before you read on, remember that not all people can do this kind of training. So take note of some important keys that you must know to practice high-intensity exercise in less than seven minutes.

Routine training

Between 7 and 15 minutes of great physical strength

Excuses are over to not get in shape due to lack of time, because compressed training. An alternative to suit all lifestyles and even the experts recommend in Sports Science. But very careful, because not all persons can perform these workouts. Read the rest of this entry »

Diets must be very careful. No two bodies are alike, so the nutritional advice that a person you are helpful may not be as good for other patients.

Make no mistake. There are no miracle diets help us lose weight effortlessly. The secret? Perseverance, patience, exercise, healthy eating, and in some cases, a custom diet for endocrine. All these requirements are very important and will help you lose weight responsibly. So if you want to implement water diet, do not forget to consider all these recommendations.

water diet to lose weight

Things you should know about water

We’ve already talked about some curious water and its many health benefits. Do you remember?

As you commented, water has no calories, so it is not fattening or slimming. However, if you drink water before meals, we managed to fool the stomach and satiate your appetite. Read the rest of this entry »

We have often discussed the benefits of water in our diet. Essential to hydrate our bodies, improve our fitness, increase our energy, prevent headaches, cleanse the body, and also to improve digestion.

However, there are some myths about water and health that are not entirely certain. For example, what is better, mineral or tap water? Is it true you can drink as much water as we want? Today we will clarify some questions.

water facts health

How much is recommended to drink

Humans are 70% water, so for proper functioning of our body, this fluid element should be present in our diet. And now comes the big question: can we drink the amount of water we want? Experts say we should not. Read the rest of this entry »

On more than one occasion we have spoken of the great and varied music has benefits for our health, but we have focused more towards its effects on the brain. In fact, at the time we speak specifically of the effects of classical music on the brain. But today will be a little more general, because we music affects many more factors and situations in our lives, and need not be of a particular style. There you go:

Listening to music reduces anxiety

According to a study by Ohio State University, the fact listen to your favorite pieces of music known or reduced anxiety levels of patients in the ICU . I stress: known or favorite pieces of music. There had to be a particular style of music, as is often thought of classical music, but should be known to patients.

health benefits of music

Listening to music decreases food intake and makes enjoy more

According to a study published in Psychological Reports, the fact that a restaurant available soft lighting and background music (in the case of the study was jazz), causes us to eat up to 18% less, and in turn enjoy more such food. Read the rest of this entry »

Licensed counselors are needed in elementary and secondary school settings to help facilitate positive interactions in schools among students and staff members. With the increase in bullying, defiant behaviors, disruptive classroom behaviors and lack of interest in class subjects, counselors who possess the skills and knowledge to utilize effective strategies to help all students succeed are needed in a variety of school settings. The skills of school counselors are important to the entire setting of schools, because they have the experience to handle a variety of issues that may occur. When teachers, principals and other school administrators are unable to handle interpersonal issues with students, counselors are usually called upon to tackle these concerns.

Students in different locations around the countries come from diverse cultures and family backgrounds as well as different socioeconomic environments. In some situations, school may be the only positive outlet for certain students. School should be a place where students feel safe and respected. The effective cooperation and collaboration of teachers, counselors and administrators is needed to ensure that students have positive experiences in school on a daily basis.

School counselors may be required to intervene in a wide range of situations and adapt to uncommon circumstances that occur in schools. Depending on the number of students in a particular school, most elementary and secondary schools have at least two counselors on staff who are required to multitask daily to handle a variety of job responsibilities. From mediating disputes and discussing students’ issues with parents to monitoring student attendance and establishing student-centered development programs, counselors must have the right training and qualifications to successfully handle whatever is required of them. Read the rest of this entry »

Alcohol addiction recovery is one of the most difficult events people can face. The effects of withdrawal from alcohol abuse are frightening, and many people find that they simply cannot structure and follow through with recovery on their own. This is what alcohol clinics are for; to help individuals who are suffering from alcohol addiction understand how they can get started on the road to recovery.

One of the most commonly heard phrases in recovery is, “The program works if you work the program,” and it is probably the truest statement ever uttered. No alcohol treatment program will succeed if the addict is not ready to admit that he or she has a problem and work the program to recover from their addiction. Without this admission, any attempts to quit drinking will likely fail, because the desire and willpower to stay sober will not be there.

In truth, recovery from alcohol addiction can be even more difficult than recovery from other drugs of choice, if the addict lacks the desire to recover. Alcohol is pervasive throughout all of society; we have a drink with a toast to celebrate a big contract, a glass of champagne to celebrate our wedding nuptials, or a sip of whiskey just to unwind after a long day. These small steps towards alcohol addiction are a part of our culture, and an accepted part at that. Read the rest of this entry »

Blood flow is an important function of our body that helps to transport the waste material present in our body and also to deliver oxygen and nutrients to all parts of our body. The mechanism of blood flow is so complex that it is quite difficult to trace their path through various parts of our body. Our skin is the indicator or of problems that arise in our body due to improper circulation of blood through the blood channels. It is indicated in various ways such as dryness of skin, shrinking of skin at some particular places, and constant reddening of skin in some places. It may be in hand, face and legs. For flow of constant blood flow, there are certain medicines available that helps to regulate the blood flow. But it may cause some other problems when being consumed for prolonged period of time. To ensure that the blood flow in our body is constant throughout all parts, it is necessary to go for simple and effective

Power of vacuum

We all have seen the power of vacuum in some forms. It is quite common to observe the vacuum cleaners present various places. This vacuum can be used in cleaning the body by enabling blood flow in parts where it is being blocked due to some toxins present at that place. This therapy requires a simple cup like substance surrounded by a rubber ball like substance that is covering starting from the edge of the mouth to the end of the cup like structure. This ball like structure can be made to stick on the surface of skin by placing them against the area and pressing the ball like structure that creates suction. Thus it will get attached to our skin in an easy manner. Before placing the suction cup in the surface of the skin, oil must be applied to that region so that suction cup can easily grab the surface of skin. In a standard Kinetic vacuum therapy kit, four vacuum cups are available with different shapes and sizes to attach them to different parts of our body.

If you are over 50 years of age or have mobility or back problems it may well have been suggested for you to use rise and recliner chairs in your home for an alternative seating option, which can help you to maintain good physical posture while seated.

Having a good posture allows all parts of the human body to function properly, in turn this keeps the muscles balanced and prevents injuries. Ask any medical expert about the importance of good posture, he or she will surely say that staying in the right posture is as important as eating the right kinds of food and following a proper exercise routine.

This stands true for people of all ages, not just the senior citizens. However, the ill effects of bad posture are more severe for ageing people; additionally, elderly individuals should be more careful about their posture as they stay at higher risk of having poor posture compared to younger people.

Our physical activity tends to decrease as we start ageing, this is one of the main reasons behind poor posture. Decrease in physical activity and persistent poor posture can make one suffer from medical conditions such as neuromuscular conditions, arthritis etc.

An elderly person diagnosed with such health disorders ideally shouldn’t stop exercising or taking part in physical activities where possible or if there physical health allows; measured physical activity and regular exercise will help them in managing the signs of the above conditions and maintain proper posture. Read the rest of this entry »

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