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Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

When we are in love and we see the person we love, when we say something nice, but when we have to speak in public or we have made a mistake.

There are many reasons and circumstances that get us out colors. Have you ever wondered why this happens? Why do we blush? Despite how much science advances, experts still have not managed to respond to this great mystery. Are you curious to learn more about this involuntary reaction? Well read on … we’re going to bring out the colors!

why do we blush?

Adrenaline, the biggest culprit

Blushing is an involuntary reaction absolutely, that no human being can control. And what is the primary key of this very human reaction? Read the rest of this entry »

Do you also happen to you, some days I feel especially tired / a? A stressful lifestyle, lack of hours of sleep, poor diet, and concerns … are many culprits that explain the syndrome known as chronic fatigue.

Do not let fatigue take over your body nor your mood, and learn to fight with the recommendations that we explain now. And enjoy your life!

chronic fatigue syndrome treatment


Lack of energy, physical and emotional exhaustion, apathy and lack of interest in things … All these symptoms are becoming more prevalent in our society again. Fighting them is in your hands. Read the rest of this entry »

Jogging, jogging, running … Call it what you want, but do not miss a sport that is very fashionable. Running is cheap, easy and almost anyone can practice.

And if that were not enough, plus all the benefits of the sport, a physical and psychological level, running is also very good for our brain. Want to know how? Here we reveal the results of a study by the University of Minnesota in the United States.

how to train your brain

Swimming and cycling also

According to the investigators, the study published in the journal “Neurology” is the most important so far. A study demonstrating the benefits it has run for our cognitive health. Read the rest of this entry »

Few people get rid of back pain. In fact, according to a European survey on health in Spain, made a couple of years, it is estimated that 25% of the Spanish population suffers cervical or lumbar pain.

And the pain is one of the most common complaints in our society. Do you also suffer? In that case, do not miss our tips today to avoid all these hassles.

relieve back pain

Avoid bad habits and postures

Poor posture, an old and shabby mattress, spends many hours standing, heavy lifting … There are many culprits that suffer neck or back pain. So to avoid these hassles, it is important to remove all those bad habits and practices of our lives. But also notes some tips that will help alleviate these pains. Read the rest of this entry »

Right Garlic has many benefits and properties for the engine of our body, that is, our heart.

Do you know any of these properties? Want to know why you should have in your kitchen pantry this ingredient? Here we reveal some interesting facts about the many benefits of garlic in our diet.

To prevent diseases

First of all, let’s answer the following question: why garlic is so good for our heart? According to numerous studies, raw garlic is a powerful remedy to prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol and control hypertension.

what is garlic good for heart

Some components containing garlic act as natural blood thinners, help maintain blood pressure and improve blood circulation. In other words, garlic is very healthy for the proper functioning of the heart. Read the rest of this entry »

There are words and terms we’ve heard hundreds of times and have read a lot about them, but have not yet clear what they are. Anaphylactic shock is a good example of it.

A severe allergic reaction that spreads rapidly and can affect different parts of our body, a shock that we should not take lightly, because you can put our lives in serious danger.

treatment of anaphylaxis

Why it happens

Also known as anaphylaxis, allergic reaction that can occur in different ways. Overall, the food is usually the main culprit of this shock, but also some types of drugs, and even bee stings and exercise after eating. Read the rest of this entry »

Cancer, heart disease, and diabetes are all potentially devastating conditions that receive a lot of press. One would think they would be among the most common reasons for a doctor visit. However, they are not in the top five. If this is surprising, keep in mind that these conditions are not always obvious and can sometimes present with few symptoms. Here are the top five reasons that people see a doctor and why:

5) Psychological Problems

About one in four American adults will suffer with a mental illness during a given year.(1) These sobering numbers speak to the tremendous suffering that many people live with every day. While it is common and appropriate to feel down or anxious in certain situations, uncontrolled emotional liability cannot be treated by “toughing it out” or ignoring it. Hence, sufferers see a doctor.

4) Upper Respiratory Conditions

Colds, bronchitis, sinusitis, and the flu are all lumped into this broad description. The common cold is given that name for a reason. The symptoms of upper respiratory conditions are noticeable, and the average adult contracts two to four of these conditions annually.(2) The frequency of these infections, combined with the obviousness of symptoms and the misery they provoke, explains why so many doctor visits are made to treat them. Read the rest of this entry »

Pigmentation or skin spots are much more common than you think, but in most cases, we do not worry about them.

They are not a problem for our health

These liver spots usually appear especially in the hands, face, shoulders, and arms. In general, simple patches are not even protrude from the skin, and are no problem for our health. However, given the slightest doubt or discomfort, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

spots on the skin

Sunlight and age

Now, what are the most frequent causes of the appearance of these spots? We all know who the main culprit of these pigmentations appearing is: the sun. Read the rest of this entry »

The northern hemisphere spring is dangerously close. I say approaches because in our area there are still days of wind and cold, but it is less. And dangerous is you suffer allergies, because spring is the time of year where it is beginning to feel the symptoms. However, of the known antihistamines for the inconvenience as we avoid the itchy eyes, sneezing or runny nose, there are a number of foods that have supported studies to better withstand the situation, here we come!


Personally, I love yogurt, and that I do not suffer allergies. But if that is your case, you’ll be happy to know that according to a study published in the journal Clinical and Experimental Allergy, people with allergies who consumed yogurt (which contain the Lactobacillus casei) had lower levels of antibodies in the blood, specifically IgE, responsible for allergic reactions. Researchers believe that probiotics such as Lactobacillus casei help maintain gut bacterial levels in balance, allowing the immune system does not overreact to allergens products.

foods to fight allergies


These little edible flower buds are filled with a flavonol, quercetin, and an anti-inflammatory which is also found in berries, onions, apples, green vegetables, tea and tomatoes, among others. According to research, quercetin is able to block the effects of histamines (substances responsible for the exaggerated allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes). Read the rest of this entry »

They are our unfinished. Feet endure our hectic pace of life, always from one side to another. The forgotten eternal, we only care about caring, when it is too late and we begin to feel discomfort.

Is it your case? Then do not miss some simple tips that will help you relax and relieve foot pain.

Do not wait until you hurt

Do not expect to feel real discomfort in your feet, and put into practice any of the tips that will explain below. Because your feet must bear the weight of our body, long walks, the consequences of an often uncomfortable shoes, the stress of our daily lives…

how to relieve foot pain

There are many culprits of foot pain and also many options available to us to relieve this discomfort. A simple exercise that will help you combat this problem is to extend a towel on the floor and try to crumple the toes. Then repeat this action, but smoothing wrinkles. Read the rest of this entry »

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