A few years ago, a study by Harvard concluded that Americans are addicted to medications that treat depression. U.S. residents take Paxil, Zoloft, Prozac, and a host of other anti-depression meds on the regular. For people who are already suffering from another type of illness, depression is a common side-effect of dealing with health problems. If you’re in a position to help patients deal with depression, encourage them to start with these natural remedies.


Study upon study has proven that exercise, even light exercise for a short period of time, makes people feel better. That’s because exercise releases oxytocin and dopamine, hormones that make people happy by easing pain and increasing blissful feelings. While some pharmaceutical drugs do the same thing, they come with serious side effects that range from migraines to suicidal thoughts.

Spend Time With Others

By spending time with other people, whether it’s at a family dinner or by chatting with friends online, you can also increase those feel-good hormones, specifically oxytocin and serotonin. People are, in general, social beings, and interacting with others is a great way to boost your mood.

Head Outside

According to Alan Logan, a naturopathic doctor based in New York, people get energy from being in nature. On top of a healthier mental outlook, you’ll also get better sleep. Even if you live in an urban area, you can still head outside for some fresh air, birds, flowers, and trees.

Get More Sleep

Good sleep is integral to good mental health, and there’s no cutting corners with this one. Your circadian rhythm, which is what tells you when to go to sleep and when to wake up, also helps with alertness, as well as staying calm in stressful situations. By getting natural sunlight shortly after waking, you can help get your body back on its natural rhythm.

Eat Better

If you’re going to put anything into your body to ease depression, make it food, not medication. When you eat unhealthy fats and refined sugar, you won’t feel as good as you could. When blood sugar and insulin spikes, depression can occur. On the other hand, vitamin B12, which is found in eggs and fish, increases the communication between the “good” pathways in your brain. Fiber will keep your blood sugar and insulin stable, while iodine improves memory and decreases depression.

While medication sometimes works, a lot of people who are depressed or simply feeling blue can also benefit from 100% natural lifestyle changes. If you need modern medical equipment to improve patient treatment, find out more.

The daily work done in a medical laboratory plays a very important role in the healthcare industry. A professional working in a medical laboratory tests samples of blood and other bodily fluids for the presence of disease. It’s important to conduct these tests in a way that produces accurate results. An accurate diagnosis helps a physician to determine the type of treatment a patient needs in order to recover from an illness. Laboratories are looking for people who are well-suited for this type of methodical work. Not surprisingly, most medical laboratories want to establish and maintain a reputation for excellent work. Someone who wants to work in this field may choose to take a medical laboratory technician course to learn all of the skills needed to succeed in this career. Take a look at some of the qualities that help someone excel at medical laboratory work.

Medical Laboratory

Attention to Detail

A professional employed in a medical laboratory should pay close attention to the details of the work. This type of work requires a person to be methodical in each step of the process. This includes every step from the actual testing to correctly labeling and dating a specimen. Someone working in a medical laboratory is also responsible for keeping the environment as sterile as possible. All of the duties in a laboratory must be done with care and efficiency. Read the rest of this entry »

Many people consider their immunity to be one of the most vital aspects of their health. They want to build up their immune systems to ward off any illness, regardless of how minor. While it may not be possible to keep away every illness, people are often most concerned with viral infections that can cause them to become very ill like the flu or pneumonia. When they want to remain as healthy as possible throughout the year, people may turn to using online products like those found on health-oriented websites such as TransferFactor-4-Life.com.

The products found online can cover a variety of immunity concerns. For example, if someone routinely has low blood sugar, they may be inclined to try the products that are designed for glucose control. When a person’s blood glucose levels remains stable, he or she can fight off infections better and also avoid going into diabetic comas. This supplement may work well for people who have not had success with other glucose-related products.

These kinds of products can also be targeted toward each gender. In fact, it is well known that women’s health needs are different than men’s. If they take men’s supplements, women may not experience the health benefits that they desire. Rather than avoid taking anything at all that would boost their immunity, women can take a product designed with their health needs in mind. They can find out more when they shop online. Read the rest of this entry »

Nurses generally agree that they find fulfillment in their career paths by serving others. Some are called to work with cancer patients while others handle the busy and stressful demands of an emergency room. However, some RNs are looking for a way to further their careers in order to obtain further certifications, higher positions in the nursing field or a university teaching position.

An RN to MSN program is an excellent option for these individuals. These programs last approximately three years and can be done while the nurse continues to work. However, some schools may provide an accelerated program for those who are eager to get their degrees, and some may allow students to take classes slowly giving them more time to focus on work and their families.

Classes that are covered in these programs provide a solid base of both clinical and classroom knowledge. Most RN to MSN programs first cover anything needed to complete a baccalaureate degree. This includes medical, surgical and nursing courses and research. They then go on to provide information on pathology of diseases, community health nursing and cultural nursing.

Those who receive their master’s degrees in nursing have a wide array of doors open to them. They can be eligible for higher jobs, such as managerial positions, within their current workplace. They will also appreciate the higher salary that such a degree often confers as well as the ability to become board certified in Nursing Professional Development. These nurses are also qualified to teach undergraduate nursing students on the clinical level and to pursue a Doctor of Nursing degree allowing them to teach in any nursing program.

Although many RN to MSN programs are offered in on-campus classroom settings, a growing number of universities are offering online programs that are perfect for working nurses who are juggling a career and a family. Several top universities around the country offer these programs such as UAZ online. These schools typically offer online classrooms, message boards for discussing questions with other students and teachers and the ability to do the classwork at any time of the day. These online degrees are the same as traditional degrees and will allow the RN to further his or her career while making a positive impact on people’s health.

These tips for exercise during period will allow you to not have to give up and take care of your regular practice routine waiting until your period is removed after a few days.

Sure, exercising the rule is not in your favorite activities; but it is true that doing so has its benefits, including alleviating premenstrual symptoms. The key is to know what kind of exercises is right to do during menstruation.

exercise during period

1 In the days of menstruation practiced yoga

It is ideal because it is a gentle activity that does not require much effort and helps your body eliminate toxins naturally, thanks to facilitates blood circulation, which can prevent cramps and other discomforts of those days. Read the rest of this entry »

On many occasions, people decide to donate blood to feel more accomplished and to help others. Despite being as simple as going to the nearest, most of the population does not, and the reasons include fear of needles or the simple fact that he had never thought about donating blood.

Less than 10% of the population of the United States donates blood each year, and all efforts to raise awareness about the importance of this go almost unnoticed. However, there is a reason that could make us change your mind: donating blood is beneficial!

donate blood

balances the levels of iron in our body

The iron is mainly used by the body as part of hemoglobin, which is the carrier protein of oxygen to the tissues, being 70% of the iron in are proteins. Both excess and lack are harmful for the body. Read the rest of this entry »

In adolescence, women are protagonists of a hormonal revolution. In addition, to overcome it in the best way, it is essential to have a good watch your waistline. You have a balanced diet implies, among other things, eating vitamins. However, what?

Vitamin B – 12

The inadequacy of vitamin B-12 is one of the main causes of anemia. This medical condition is not one minor matter and can cause large changes in the rhythm of life, given that cause low energy extreme, bad mood, changes in personality and depression. Animal products are the best sources of vitamin B-12, so vegetarians are for the most part vulnerable to anemia. Vegetarians, then, will have to counter this absence, consuming soy foods and fortified cereals.

supplements for teenage girls

Vitamin D

Recent studies have shown that lack of vitamin D made that people are much more prone to depression. On the other hand, this nutrient plays a vital role in the development of the skeletal system. This makes their consumption in adolescence. Thus, it is recommended that adolescents consume at least 5 micrograms of vitamin D per day. The best sources of this nutrient are sunlight, fish, egg yolk, liver, and fungi. Read the rest of this entry »

Being tired, routine and a thousand other things that happen in everyday affect sexual desire without that we may be aware of it; so if you are low on energy this aspect, put into practice these daily habits that increase your libido to fully enjoy your intimate life.

What to do to increase your libido

Changes the routine

If your weekend plans have become very monotonous and your partner always do the same; start looking for new activities to do and outputs that give them motivation. Ready to go out and think about what you can do differently are the first steps to break the routine.


Consider your hormones

Since menopause, to the fact to be breastfeeding and birth control pills can make your libido decreases due to the hormonal changes they produce. Ask your doctor to prescribe you any other or advise you what to do according to the stage where you are. If you take other medicines, read the prospectus, may also be affecting you. Read the rest of this entry »

Nature is life, health and well-being. And if we enjoyed it with our loved ones and friends, ones much better! You come Camping with us? Enjoy all the benefits offered by nature; because it is the best sport we play.

A perfect activity to teach children the value of the environment, something that many adults also we should remember. Because there is plenty of life, if we forget for a moment of television, technology, mobile phones… In health passion we go camping, but first of all, here are some tips for camping with kids.

camping with kids

Camping safely

Security is a very important requirement. So do not forget to choose a safe camping area, where you can enjoy all the members of the family. Children’s activities, areas specially designated for the smaller House, services and facilities, since relief… But the first aid kit not forgets at home. Read the rest of this entry »

Infections in feet and nails are not welcome. Logically, our first impulse is to consult with our doctor. But although its appearance is pretty nasty, in the majority of cases do not have to worry.

Nail and feet infections may be due to many different causes, as wearing little appropriate shoes, mushrooms or even unhygienic habits of life. Anyway, the prevention in the best treatment to avoid this kind of inconveniences. But if it’s too late, don’t miss some treatments against infections in nails and feet that you will learn today in our blog.

nail and feet infections

Nail infections

Pain, redness and swelling are usually the most common symptoms of an infection on the foot, i.e. an ingrown nail. A nuisance who is infected with quite easily, so you must act immediately before it gets worse. Read the rest of this entry »

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